• Yes there are pills that will turn your skin a creamy white. You can only get them from a doctor and most likely your family doctor wont give them to you. You will need to see a Dermatologist for it and usually you will only be given the pills if your skin is more or about 75% Vitiligo. It makes your sking all one color if you suffer from Vitiligo...but it is not a natural looking color. And once you use the pills you can not get in the sun or you will get one of the worst burns of your life, even for only a few minutes exposure...that's why Michael Jackson always carries an umbrella! He has had those pills. I am not sure of what they are called but they are very strong and you would need to keep taking them.
  • why do you want to lighten your skin....
  • Why in the world would you want them if they did have them? Do you have a skin problem or do you just have issues with your tone in general? You shouldn't... Be yourself and be beautiful! otherwise you could end up being somone else that you don't like very much at all... Does Michael Jackson ring a bell?

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