• take a warm bath, there are also Thermacare things, have someone give you a message, is it juse muscle pain? or id it some other kind of pain?
  • take a 750 mg of vicoden ..they help so much ..just dont get adicted ..not good.
  • The part about it going down to the knee makes me wonder if you might have a herniated disk. I believe an x-ray is required to confirm this sort of a diagnosis. If that's what you have, treatment is often non-surgical. But if you haven't seen a doc, I'd suggest that you do.
  • I have a few questions here, #1 how long has this gone on? #2 do you have any sort of rash or red bumps in any of that area? I think I might know what it is, so will reply when you answer questions.
  • If it goes down your leg, it is affecting your siatica nerve, I would check with a doctor. If it ever goes to your toes, or makes your foot numb or tingly, I would really worry. Heat at night, and not sleeping in a water bed, if you have one will help. Ibuprofen really helps, it helps with inflamation, which is usually the cause of such back pain. Good luck to you!
  • Massages should not be given if acute pain is present. Heat doesn't always help either, my suggestion is to go to a doctor to rule out lumbar disc problems (often the case if sore back is accompanied by sharp leg pain). Do this before you get a massage (which can only make it worse) or anything else. Moist heat is best if heat seems to help it, take a hot bath or put a wet towel between your back and a heating pad. Look up some gentle streches you could do, and take good care of yourself.
  • From what say, you did not have an accident or get hit or anything like that. You do not know what might be causing these symptoms. See a doctor! With women, pain like this can mean anything from badly strained low back muscles to back disc problems, internal problems with kidneys, or even problems coming from your ovaries etc. With men, it is can be the kidneys, but more likely verebral/disc problems with pressure on the sciatic or other nerves going down into your legs. SEE A DOCTOR ASAP. before it gets worse. Ice pack on it-- 15 mins on, 2 hours off on the lower back where it is centered should help some with the pain til you can get it checked and get the proper treatment. SEE A DOCTOR! Take only Tylenol or over the counter pain pills til you see the doctor. Especially if it is going down your leg I suspect it has something to do with your lumbar or sacral vertebrae in your back. Not something to mess around with at all!
  • 3-1-2017 You should see a doctor to find out if any treatment is needed. Regardless of the diagnosis, you should consider what backs are made of. Bones are made of calcium, the pads in the joints are made of vitamin C, and the muscles are dependent on magnesium. Deficiencies of all three are common in the US, and doctors will not advise you to take any vitamins because they have no training in that field. So you have to learn the business yourself. Vitamins and minerals are cheap and safe, so don't be afraid to take some.
  • go see your doctor about it
  • I agree with those who said sciatica. But a dr visit should come first just to rule out anything else. Here are several sites with exercises for sciatica. I don't know if you prefer video or text explanations so you can choose:

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