• We really have back pain.
  • The pain is real. With over 100,000 reductions a year I doubt they're doing it for attention, rather the opposite, to keep lecherous pervy eyes off them. But I suspect you don't really care about their pain anyway and this question is just YOUR PLOY for attention.
    • FishyFish
      Nah. Reductions should be illegal, though.
    • Linda Joy
      You should have a couple honeydew melons sewn under your chest skin and see how you like it! While we're at it we'll get a drill instructor to make you run with them there! Lol
    • Mircat
      Well said!
    • FishyFish
      Maybe I will.
  • They have headaches, backaches, and can't see their feet to know if they are wearing matched shoes. Any other condescending sexist BS you want to direct toward women?
    • FishyFish
      Women have smaller brains, therego, they're not as smart as me.

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