• Don't think about how, just do it. Your mind is your worst enemy here. Surprise her with flowers, or whatever appropriate. Be willing to make a fool of yourself and DO NOT use lines and you'll be fine ;-) Humour is attractive. Be Yourself, she will find out who you are eventually!
  • go up to her and say hi... ask her if she is doing anything or if she is busy.. if not busy then ask her out to eat! as friends not as a date! and see what happends
  • I think that you should find out a bit about her, what she is interested in and what she likes to do. Once you found that out do a bit research on it, nothing to deep, just enough so that you know what it is and that you have a surface knowledge. Now why go to all this trouble before your approach her ? So that when you do you'll have something to talk about. The most interesting conversations ( men and women alike ) are with people with similar interests.. it allows you to be both enthusiastic. So do at least some of the above before saying high. You are trying to make a GOOD IMPRESSION before you ask her out. As guys we tend to be attracted to women from how they look , less so with women. It sometime takes longer for them to decide whether they like you or not. ... After that see where the conversation goes and hope for the best. oh and p.s don't try and do it all in one conversation i.e hi/conversation/ask-her-out. Take your time....
  • Try to know what she likes and do them, most ladies love to be around funny guys. Get her interested and attracted tom you and then gradually show her your interest either verbally or with gifts and other kind gestures. You can try making them jealous by getting them jealous and then withdrawing a little and harmlessly but carefully go close to her friend, how she reacts will tell you her level of interest and that will be a better time to strike. Best of luck.
  • Approach her in a sense that you are not needy because girls could easily pick-up on that, be a person who is genuinely himself, and a person who is just trying to start a conversation. When you approach her, be confident, smile, and spark an interesting conversation, then transition to conveying your traits/experiences to her. Girls usually are always being bombarded with questions the when they meet a new person , but if you try to convey yourself to her in a confident, down-to-earth, non-threatening way, she will accept you for who you are b/c you have displayed confidence about your personality. And while you are conveying yourself, try to get her to share something about herself. In my experience when I share something about myself to a girl, she almost always reciprocate. And look into her eyes as if she is a person you can learn from. Look at her beyond her looks and look for characteristics that you like about her and compliment her for being like that. People (especially girls) feel much more comfortable and better when we are complimented about our interior selves, that we are liked for being who we are not about how we look. Girls are always constantly getting complimented about their looks and they are used to that. What girls rarely find is a man that can bring out the real selves about them. Don't be afraid to be flirty and playful with her either. It adds to the fun and enjoyment, and added with a sense of humor, she will definitely find the interaction more enjoyable. In sum, be a man and show no fear. Be real with her and at the same time have a fun time with her.
  • This was the same for me well what i did was like i went up to her and said hi i asked her out to eat and talked to her for a while I got closer to her and we hanged out more The next thing you noe we were best friends than i asked her out and she said yes :] Just keep it cool and YES definitly and some sense of good laughter BE BRAVE! WE ALL GOT YOU!
  • The truth is, though sometimes brutal, if she likes you she'll say yes, if not she'll say no. Unless you REALLY flatter her, shes probably not going to decide she likes you on the spot. My advice to you is to get to know her a little better, get her to admire you, and then ask her to the dance. If you don't think she'll want to get into a relationship with you yet, just ask as nothing serious, only friends.
  • Hnad her a rose, with a big smile.
  • Approach her from behind.
  • I've been in the same situation before, qquite recently actually. All i did was walk up to her and start talking to her. She gave me her number without me having to ask. All in all just talk to her, be a friend, tell her how you feel about her (but not to agressively) and if she says yes then nice job, if not then oh well you'll still be her friend
  • okay first of all-you are scared of making a fool of yourself? are you just plain scared? just start by smiling, maybe after talk to her casually, then head on to being friends after maybe even more. all of these you can't do in a day, week or even month. it takes time, so just be patient and you'lll find out later if she's the right girl for you or just a friend
  • Pretend to have a seizure. You may gain her sympathy. On the other hand, if she's a nurse, you're in trouble.

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