• Pick the best smelling one, like with flowers!
  • This is a two-way road. It's not as though you just pick a girl in standing a window (except in Amsterdam). The real question is which girl chooses to be with you.
  • Number one thing is she has to as smart or smarter than you. Number two is a good sense of humor. Number three is integrity. Number four is to be humble and not pretentious. Number five is the most important: will she put up with you. Two out of four is OK but the lack of number five is a deal breaker.
    • Roaring
      I like that. Makes sense especially 5
  • just choose whichever one you like better
  • The Billion Dollar Question for everyone
  • Only you can answer that question. What's important to you? Looks, personality, lifestyle, intelligence? It completely depends on what you prefer. I also would not ignore your sexual attraction.
  • Beggars can't be choosers. Take the first one that says yes.
  • By making a wise decision, that's for sure.
  • This depends on where you stand with Yahweh in your life. The Bible warns to never be unequally yoked with someone. If you are a child of Yahweh, then you have to select a mate that knows and loves Yeshua. One who studies and learns the word as it is given in scripture. KNOW where the potential mate stands with Yahweh and Yashua.
  • You need to date a lot so that you know what you really kike for a life's partner.
  • Try them all so that when you get older, you will make a good life partner choice.

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