• No. I think other people with no respect for each other's religious beliefs has to do with terrorism.
    • OC Joe
      I think you just said "yes religion is connected with terrorism".
  • No. I think of "religious" terrorists as part of a terrorist cult.
  • More correctly in contemporary times, terrorism has to do with religion. ;-)
  • That is hard to say. There are radical sects that DO condone, support, and engage in terrorism. There are also radical members of more mainstream/moderate sects that do the same. Basically, this question is the 21st-century version of the one about the chicken and the egg.
  • it has alot to do with it. both past, and present
  • No it should have nothing to do but unfortunately some terrorists use religion to control and brainwash the people they want to join their terrorist groups. Regards.
  • well duhhh yes and no
  • i think certain religious group are determined to carry out acts of terrorism.
  • Religion is used and abused by fanatics, that would find another excuse for their stupid, selfish, narrowminded behavior if religion didn't exist
  • It's not the is the closed-minded, self-righteous practitioners who believe their way is the one true way, the only way, and everyone who doesn't agree with them will burn in he**..this is not limited to non-Christian religions..this is true of all who are exclusive, insular and closed off from those who do not believe as they do. So your zeal to promulgate your religion, you can terrorize..if not physically, surely mentally/emotionally/spiritually! :)
  • yes. most recent terrorists have been primarily motivated by their religious indoctrinations and political beliefs. the ongoing holy war between the israelis and the palestinians (and their supporters) has fomented a large number of these radical terrorists. based on historical events, i believe that the israel-palestinian conflict will continue until either the jews or the muslims prevail in the holy land.
  • People have killed each other over such a question.
  • Nope. Religion, like most other excuses used to promote terrorism, are merely the excuses used by people to promote their selfish, hate-filled, philosophies which are centered around gaining control over others. Terrorism is all about POWER...CONTROL over people.
    • OC Joe
      Funny, religion is also is all about POWER...CONTROL over people.
  • Often provides a cover.
  • Yes, the two are related in my opinion. There are many types of bigotry in this world, but none seem as extreme or prevalent as those to do with religion. You know the saying: never discuss politics or religion. Besides, if over 10% of people are atheists ( then one in ten terrorist attacks should be carried out by people who don't believe in a god, and yet I can't really remember any attacks being carried out where the perpetrators were not ostensibly acting on behalf of some religious movement.
    • Linda Joy
      Tamil Tigers were atheist terrorists.
  • No.. certainly not.. especially mostly muslims are targeted.. this is not fair.. not al muslims are terrorists... We also love our country and respect the people living in it.. its Just some selfish people who in the name of Selfishness hide their dirty acts behind the name of god... I strictly oppose this kind of incidents which take place al these days.. even we believe in peace and harmony like all others
    • Linda Joy
      Well, duh! Muslims commit more acts of terrorism than any other group! I'm not saying they're all terrorists, but if they would quit terrorizing people they wouldn't have the reputation for being terrorists!
  • Religion is the excuse that is used to convince primitive invidiuals to engage in violence in order to achieve a military objective. Terrorism in and of itself is a violent act committed for the sole purpose of stimulating fear into the heart of the enemy. We have sublimated the two together due to the relatively recent acts of 9/11. In reality, terrorism is simply a method used in guerrila warfare, holy or otherwise.
  • Only when the government is not wanting to admit the real motives of terrorism .
  • Terrorism CAN be linked to a person's religious belief, but terrorism by definition does not require a person to be religious at all. Terrorism - "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes."
  • Hell NO.... some teorrists in western world are not even religious...LOL
  • Absolutely, you never see atheist in terrorist training camps.
    • Linda Joy
      Tamil Tigers were atheist terrorists.
  • Religion is the root of all evil ... TV is a close 2nd
  • 1) Not necessarily, and it was not always the case in the past. But terrorism often appear in a religious context. Another issue is that someone could often be considered either a terrorist or a freedom fighter, depending on your point of view. 2) "There has been a dispute between states since the laws of war were first codified in 1899. The Martens Clause was introduced as a compromise wording for the dispute between the Great Powers who considered francs-tireurs to be unlawful combatants subject to execution on capture and smaller states who maintained that they should be considered lawful combatants. More recently the 1977 Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, recognised in Article 1. Paragraph 4 "... in which peoples are fighting against colonial domination and alien occupation and against racist regimes..." contains many ambiguities that cloud the issue of who is or is not a legitimate combatant. Hence depending on the perspective of the state a resistance movements may or may not be labelled terrorist group based on whether the members of a resistance movement are considered lawful or unlawful combatants and their right to resist occupation is recognized. Ultimately, the distinction is a political judgment." Source and further information:
  • No I think lies, pride, and weapons have to do with terrorism. Lies produced by the man of pride who is willing to go forth, buy weapons, tell lies unto his people that "the enemy" is going to kill them, and so in return the weapons will be brought unto the soil of "the enemy" where it will be used to kill countless innocent people. In return we will get mad because our safety, pride, and innocence was sacrified and as a result we will send an entire nation down the whole just to find one man. We will even enter the wrong country! Nope! Not Iraq!
  • Yes. What else do you call the acts of terror abortion haters perform when attacking clinics and doctors? Do they do that because they've studied up on medicine and biology?
    • Linda Joy
      Did you really just go there?!! I doubt the baby sees the Dr. as a 'freedom fighter'! I know I'd be terrified to see that vacuum sucker aimed at me!!
  • No, it's all about politics and not religion.
  • Not really. I think it's about the manipulation of groups of people. The terror aspect manipulates one aspect, but even the terrorists themselves are manipulated. A prime example is the video below, which is shown in Gaza. There is a variety of Hamas children's programming currently molding the minds of potential young terrorists. This is just one. (There is something sick about a 12 year old singing "This is the time of death, we will fight a war" on a children's tv show)
  • I think it depends in some ways, yes, but in others no.
  • Terrorists sometimes use religion as a front to justify what they do. The root of it is will to power, not religion.
  • There are men who speak in the name of God and there are others who kill in God's name.
  • No. Religion is just the makeup put on the conflict by the leaders who want people to enroll as cannon fodder (eg suicide bombers) for their cause. Al Queda seems to be mostly about political power in the middle east, and that is where almost all of their attacks have been made. The terrorism in Ireland was not about Catholicism versus Protestantism either. It started with an antiquated system of absentee landlords (British) that kept Irish farmes poor with practically no chance of ever getting ahead. Eventually that was reformed, but by then the conflict and hatred had taken hold so it continued for years after that. regards JakobA
  • I think religion is the fuel money makers use to start wars for profit.
  • That's what fuels it.
  • It shouldn't, but unfortunately in regards to certain religions, it does. Of course not all members of a specific religion are or should be considered terrorists, however, some will use their beliefs as a means for violence.
  • no thats nonesense i think the media only shows one side of the muslim faith. we americans need to step out of our world for once. cause our media is killing us
  • It has EVERYTHING to do with terrorism. The terrorist are working for "religious" secret societies that control the world gov'ts.
  • looks like it ....
  • only for the rank and file, those in the know pulling the strings are merely using religion to control the jewish, muslim and christian terrorists of the world.
  • it can... Organized religions literally make people not to think freely. It is the fundamental cause. By seeing the number of missionaries flying to Afghan and Iraq with sacks full of money, you can see what is coming from west. Islam has it's own fundamentalist thoughts too.
  • maybe with some of it
  • i dont think so and it shouldnt if it does
  • No. it's about politics.
  • Terrorism is usually motivated by Ultra-Conservative religious Fundamentalism, but it can also be politically motivated by either radical Liberalism or Conservativism. Religious Fundamentalism has always been a tool of conquest.
  • Those killing in the name of Islam certainly think so.
  • Terrorism is about gaining political power by any means. Religion is about bringing people together around a common denominator. They are polar opposites.
    • Archie Bunker
      "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." - Quaran 9:29 - I'm no expert, but that doesn't sound like the muslims want to bring themselves together with the non-believers.
  • No. Religion is comfort for me. I would not get out of bed without it.
  • Religious extremists create terrorism. "Extremism" is a desire for separation and exclusivity.
  • Some religions encourage terrorism. Islam has many terrorists, while Buddhism has few.
  • maybe but it shouldnt
  • Its a product of fanatical thinking whether religious or political. it could be an act justified by the "state" to end a war sooner, like the firebombing of Tokyo or dropping A-bombs on large cities there.
  • Some do at times!
  • Not always. The Tamil Tigers were terrorists that were atheists. Its more politically motivated in my opinion.
  • If that was the only problem,our death rate would be near zero. There were more than 316,000 firearm deaths between 2004 and 2013, compared to 313 terrorism deaths
  • Many religious fanatics turn into terrorists.
  • I think religion can be a reason or excuse for terrorism. It's often happened throughout history. I'm a historian, so I can offer many examples.
  • Some terrorism is religion-based. Some (probably most) terrorism is promoted by extremist religious leaders but NOT religion-based. (See, for example, the whole "get rid of Israel" thing that motivates the anti-Israel terrorists. See, for example, the hopefully-past Northern Ireland terrorism.)
  • No. Not true religion. Hijacking a religion and using it as a excuse to kill and terrorize is common. But there have also been atheist terrorists.
  • There are religious fanatics that think there's is the only way to believe.
  • Some of is political, and some of it is religion. Who commits the most acts of terrorism? Are they from the same political ideology or the same religion? Answer those two questions and you will have your answer.
  • No, I think its a personal choice. Actually both are.
  • some control freak's use religion wrongly .... they misunderstand how to read their bible correctly, cause the majority people of the same religion dont agree with the haters
  • Yes, especially among a certain religious group known for "holy war" in the modern era.
  • Religion should be about love. Unfortunately its being used by the Devil
  • some think their religion is right and all the rest go to hell etc some go too far and kill ..but they are really living in the dark ages
  • No,it's just an excuse. they will find a reason.
  • Many wars have been started in the name of religion.

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