• They are discriminated and treated as untouchables because of descent, for being born into a particular community. The four major caste of Hindus included: Brahmins, Ks.atriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. The works of a Brahmin are peace; self-harmony, austerity, and purity; loving-forgiveness and righteousness; vision and wisdom and faith. These are the works of a Ks.atriya: a heroic mind, inner fire, constancy, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity and noble leadership. Vaishya: Trade, agriculture and the rearing of cattle is the work of a Vaishya. Shudra: And the work of the Shudra is service. Shudra did the lowest job in Hindu society (cleaning toilets, picking garbage etc). The Hindu brahmin discriminated this faction of the society and refused to let them drink water from their wells, refused to let them in the temples, they were not allowed to pass certain areas in the villages etc. They were treated as untouchables or Harijans. Mahatama Gandhi was the first high class Hindu who fought for Harijans.
  • There are several organizations that help these people and interesting websites. The head of this organization came here to speak recently. Although I like some of the teachings of Hinduism, I think it is just so structured, the people can't think any other way. Have you seen the movie the Bandit Queen? It is about a woman that removed herself from the "system".
  • I hate to have to say this, but it's because the Hindu religion is racist. Discriminating against someone not because of his personal merit but because of his ancestry is racism, even if they are of the same ethnic group. There's no other word for it.
  • The religion is not the reason why dalits or harijans are discriminated. It is the thinking of the higher castes which created this dilemna. If the higher caste change their way of thinking of the lower caste then it would be a big difference.
  • The caste system can vary by terms of culture or religion because there was said to be a caste system during the times of the Apartheid in South Africa, so it shows which definition is taken into consideration. Overall it is the way of thinking which arises such problems. For example if a brahmin kills a living creature but a dalit prays and lives as if he is a true brahmin, then who is greater?
  • am not racist nor am a forward caste...but i guess the class division was based on the inherited qualities of sections of people and indicated the work area in which each are likely to excel.....but as time went some people propagated a skewed image of the whole concept leading to inhuman behaviour of one class to the other
  • It is likely that the Dalits are descendants of the peoples who lived in India before the various Indo-Aryan invasions. Thus their demotion to the caste of shudra was simply another mechanism to keep the conquered folk powerless.
  • Scavengers and garbage truck drivers get looked down on by society even in the so called "developed countries". In India they form a caste called Dalits. The difference exists only in the name and not in the treatment.

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