• I was getting ready to say that it's not possible to access that sort of information unless you can get into your state's Department of Transportation database as the police can do. But then I found a web site ( that says you can search a license plater number. I was a bit creeped out by that. I have a feeling there's some cost involved but I'm not sure of that.
  • Unless you are in law enforcement, its 99% impossible. if you have just cause for this information and it relates to a law violation, call a police officer to your home, office, etc. he can run the registration for you.
  • Just because a person is driving a vehicle, it does not necessarily mean that the vehicle belongs to them. Wondering why you want this information is puzzling. There are just to many easy ways to get information and stalk people down these days. If the vehicle you saw with a specific plate was involved in some wrongdoing, I suggest you report it to local law enforcement and leave it in their hands.
  • 515 hmz
  • In California, ask a cop friend to "run a Code 6" on the dangerous b*stard! ;-)
  • yes the police can run them an give you all the info '
  • no, but the police can. what kind of stalker are you? the plates match up to the person who registered the car. who owns the car could be on the title only perhaps.
  • There used to be available, at a very high price, books that listed license plates and the names of the owners. Don't know if they still have those, at least in CA they had them a few years ago. But normally only the police can look up who owns what.

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