• Go to the below link and enter in your info for the closest dealer to you.
  • if your going to buy them ...get the best and the first Australian made, have a look on line
  • Hi ive seen a few posts for people looking for Ugg boots, i recommend , I have just recieved mine and they are beautiful! Great price $69 and service !
  • In the NY area they are sold at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, David Z. Inc., Foot Gear, Journeys, Paragon, Prinston Ski Shop. Put your town/zip in the site below and it will give you a list of retailers.
  • I got my pair from Very happy. Fast delivery and awesome boots
  • Factory Outlet store for Ugg. In California they have them so hopefully they have them their too. I will be going there next week if you want me to look for a certain pair??? Watch for fakes online as some are sent from China and are fake ones.
  • At an Uggly Store.
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  • They're called shoe stores.
  • Amazon

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