• If it is negative it won't look like much of anything. If it is positive it will make a hard lump where the shot was given. Just because you test positive doesn't mean you have TB, it just means you have been exposed to it.
  • They prick your skin, and the positive(exposure) bubbles up a bit.
  • i had to get a tb test for a class. it's a little pink but not much. just slightly pink. so, now i'm worried.
  • A negative test looks red with no swelling or bumps in the area of the shot. A positive reading looks red as well but the bump still remains. This does not mean you have TB. It means you have been around it or someone that hs it. Now keep in mind that the test takes 72 hours to read. During this time, they encourage you not to scratch, rub, wask, irritate or play with the test area because this can lead to false readings. Hope that helps...;)

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