• Nope. I usually cut ties as soon as I realize people are manipulators. Which is pretty easy for me to determine... I am pretty bold and assertive at my criticisms.
  • Friends... I dated him for 7 years.... I cant believe what i put up with!!! Oh and my dad is pretty good at the manipulation too!!!
  • i sure have. that friendship was hard to end. she kept convincing me to stay friends. but then i realized she was just manipulating me again. haha.
  • My ex. NEVER AGAIN. Even my children know I do not respond well to manipulation...especially when playing the Mommy-Daddy game. (Can't get from one, so go to the other.)
  • Yes, once. She had control over everyone in her circle of friends, it seemed. I don't know how she did it. She didn't have any control over me though, because I wasn't part of her group and refused to be, even though she tried to get me to do things with them. Really, trying to manipulate me from her position was like trying to manipulate a rock. You can't just talk to a rock to get it to move, you have to get underneath it. And now, the instruction manual for getting inside my head will end here.
  • Maybe not a first class manipulator but a very very good manipulator had been my best friend.
  • Yes I have one in my family.
  • Of course..I give people the benefit of the doubt. I don't manipulate so I do not expect that from others. The moment I discover it, I dump the person..he/she is gone, history, yesterday's news! :)
  • My step dad is a first class manipulator
  • I wouldn't call us friends, but we are relatives! My mother in law is a first class manipulator. Funny thing is both her sons married girls that won't put up with that BS. We call it like it is.
  • Yes, We were friends until I found out just how manipulative she was. She destroyed a friendship I had with another friend.
  • Yes! It even ended in an attempt of manipulation. I got smart... it only took me 12 years!
  • I'm related to a bunch of first class manipulators!
  • my mom and hubby but im better than both of them. =D
  • Unfortunately, I can be one.
  • The girl my boyfriend cheated with is one of the most manipulative people I have ever met. I am not just saying that because of our history. I thought that even before I knew. Even now, she tries to get me to stay friends with her. She's somehow always the innocent victim, no matter what drama she causes. Her so-called 'niceness' pulls/sucks people in and draws them to her in a way that it feels impossible to get away from her. She knows all the right things to say to people to get them to stay around if they don't have their guard up. She's even fooled me. She wants what she wants and she knows how to get it. The thing that bothered me about her is that I felt like people are way too nice to her, but now I understand why. She is a charmer and she likes to keep her enemies close. I should've known when her religious views were "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer". She's told me she never set out to hurt me and she's never thought of me as less than a friend, yet if that is true, why was she purposely trying to destroy my relationship with my boyfriend just so she could have him?

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