• Nuclear powered space flight. It could have been here before most of us were born. Perhaps the Chinese will make it a reality.
  • Transporter like on star trek that would be ace lol beam me to anywhere and have a cup of tea with friends on here lol
  • A flat screen, high definition TV that functions as a phone, computer, on line university, clock, entertainment center, wireless access point, radio, camera, game console, security system, library access, cable and satellite entertainment and banking.
  • Replicator technology, and long range teleportation devices! Energy sources that are completely decentralized and specific to the individual! Computer capabilities that are directly connected to the human mind, thus providing information continually and instantly! In other words anyone can go any where they wish instantly, know anything they wish instantly, and create anything their little minds are capable of imagining instantly! This will do for a start, after this we can discuss the truly amazing things that people will find impossible!
  • No doubt, the ability to beam a person from one point to another. It would make commuting a thing of the past as well as the ability to vacation easy. You could even have lunch at your favorite Paris cafe and still make it back for work. The possibilities would be endless, especially if the technology was only in certain hands. Think of the military advantage you would have.
  • The introduction of a cheap,environmentally friendly,fuel to power our vehicles and heat our homes.
  • Thought-controlled appliances, such as a computer, PDA, mobile phone, TV.
  • I get excited seeing some of the new technology designed to help people who have been paralyzed. I recently saw some kind of an exo-skeleton type of apparatus that was helping a parapalegic walk. Cool stuff.
  • "Anti-Stupid" Ray Guns
  • Invisibility! muahaha...
  • Teleportation that would solve all the travel and many pollution issues.
  • I just want a friggin jet pack. One that doesnt run out of fuel in like 5 minutes and wont burn my ass.
  • A non-polluting energy source.
  • Molecular, atomic, and subatomic scanners (tricorders) ... so we can know exactly what is exactly where ... this will make smuggling virtually impossible, DNA location from space will make escaped felons easy to find (not to mention WMDs or Bin Laden), mapping the Earth will be a snap, looking under/inside pyramids will be a snap, finding oil/gold etc. will be a snap, medical X-rays will be obsolete, and the list goes on ...
  • A replacement for computer mice. God I hate them.

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