• I live in CA. no tornadoes(at least not big ones).. only earthquakes
  • I have no idea. I live in Southern California. =P I know what to do for an earthquake.
  • Get a kite
  • remain far away so that i can not be blamed for it!
  • In the ACTUAL EVENT OF A TORNADO, 1) Go to your basement/cellar and hide under the most structurally supported place in the cellar (probably under the stairs leading down) and as far away from any windows as possible. 2) Assume the bracing position when it actually hits (tuck your head in between your knees hold your arms around your legs) 3) Hope to some all mighty power that might exist that you don't die.
  • Pray !!
  • If you have a "storm cellar", you can use it. Otherwise, there isn't a lot you can do.
  • Personally, I LOOK for it out my door, with a clear path to the hallway, where I would go, and where my wife, kids (if they're here), and dogs are probably already located. See for what you're SUPPOSED to do.
  • Hustle the family into the basement. Bring a flashlight and battery powered radio, if I could without slowing. If there were no basement, I'd head to the most sheltered place in the house and pack the family there. An interior bathroom would be best, because I could pack the wife and kids into the tub and throw a mattress over them.
  • stand in the doorway and say "oohh. there it is.." not much I can do. Every place I can go but 1 is by an outside wall or window. I can get in my shower but then when it hits everything in my apartment and my neighbors apts will crash in on top of me. I am not physically able to sit in the floor..the tornado would be over before I could get in the floor and lift the mattress off the box springs. Plus I have a dog and i can't hold him and anything over me too. So, I just hope it doesn't hit or sit in the shower and hope things fall the other way
  • My nearest neighbors are an old retired couple with a storm cellar. They have told me we may use it in case of a tornado on the ground in the area.
  • If a tornado strikes, the safest place is in a strong building – preferably in a basement or a small interior room. The important thing is to get away from windows and put as many walls as possible between you and the outside. Mobile homes do not provide adequate protection from a tornado. If there are no secure buildings nearby, lie flat with your hands over your head in a ditch or depressed area. Do not try to outrun a tornado in your car, experts say.

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