• i have my GED and it was easy as fuck to get, the test was like 6th grade questions, but society does hold a high school diploma more valuable.
  • I received my GED in 2005. The test questions are PhD certified. They are Equvalent leading up to a High School graduation,just the same. They were easy for you and I both because we are both intellegent.On the other hand It is Quit difficult for someone who never made it passed the ninth grade. also It all depends on when you took the test. In 2002 GED revised there testing to make it more assoiciated with a High School graduation, and again in 2005. Futhermore, I personally find them both the same.
  • GED is harder to get as you failed at School and are probably a moron LOL
  • It's really easy to pass the GED test and although it is considered a high school equivalency, having a high school diploma looks better.
  • 8-18-2017 In my entire life, the only time anybody asked about my high school was when I wanted classes at another school. There was no further interest in any case. I have heard that the armed forces are now requiring a high school diploma, but that is all I have heard of. It really is better to take classes someplace else, anyplace else, if you think you need classes. People who actually study such things, instead of presenting their opinions as facts, offer very different advice from what school counselors offer. "Dress For Success" by John Molloy offers some advice: *1. Vocal skill will affect your earning power more than any other single detail. *2. Acting skill will get you a job offer even if you are not qualified for the job. *3. The most important thing you get from your college years is your address book. *4. The main difference between a successful man and a very successful man is the latter knows hundreds more people, and he knows them quite well. *Plan your schooling accordingly.

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