• I won't. Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King, Jr. trump Obama, and that's just off the top of my head.
  • No. Despite the hard work, the effort etc., it is nothing compared to the bravery of Rosa Parks.
  • Won't that depend on whether he's pereceived to do a good job in that office first? And that's without taking into account other possibly more worthy candidates, such as Martin Luther King Jr?
  • Is he a african american????
  • people arent remembered for their titles, they're remembered for their actions. it depends on what he does as president.
  • Probably not.
  • Marin Luther King will still be the great one. Remeber, too, that Obama is bi-racial, he isn't all black.
  • The GREATEST? No... ONE of a long line of AA Heroes? Yes. And if he does GOOD (if he makes it), he's already broken a number of barriers for blacks. If he's a GOOD president (lowers taxes, shrinks government, etc. - doubtful: he still has to get things through Congress, and from what I've read, his proposals will CAUSE more taxes; but possible - then he will break another barrier.)
  • Hardly, he doesn't have a thing on MLK jr.
  • Hero? One must first do something heroic to be considered a hero, that's in the job description. Winning an election make a hero not, actions that follow could.
  • We are not necessarily looking for heroes in our leaders. Very few presidents would be considered heroes - but that does not mean they were not effective leaders. Obama must be a hero to his wife and kids and I am sure he is. He may also be a hero to many whom he mentors from afar as candidates for office often are. Some of my heroes are such to me and not to others. Getting elected does not may one an outstanding leader or a hero; it is rather ones performance in office. Unfortunately, heroism often comes with a high price and arises out of adverse circumstances. A person of high character will have his or her character revealed in those times. There are so many African American heroes whose heroism was forged in the cauldron of suffering, courage, and integrity. There were two young African American women, Catherine and Alice who had the courage to become the first students of their race in the elementary school where I attended 7th grade. It was 1968 and I have always considered them heroes to me and to others. I don't know what became of Catherine, but Alice had a distinguished career in the United States Army and became a hero to many.
  • I don't think anyone can be considered the greatest african american hero of all time anymore. Especially from where we have come from. All the way back from Harriet Tubman to MLK Jr. These people did things when the country was in hell. Now the country is going through lil crisis and they think that it is the end of the world. I mean it wasn't just like 60+ years we were in the great depression, and then Herbert Hoover took us out of that. These are basically like speed bumps compared to the real african american heros. I hope that he does great things while in office, because god knows that we need it. He will be remembered whether he fails or succeeds, but you're comparing Greg Oden to Michael Jordan. He is a good player but just can't be like Mike.
  • I don't see that he has given us any indication of heroism so far, so my money will stay on that great Republican and defender of civil rights, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • No, I don't think he's a hero, Martin Luther King, Jr. or George Washington Carver fits the bill of hero moreso than somebody who wins an election. Obama will have a much lower approval rating than Bush if he makes Al Gore the Energy Czar* and has his civilian army. *Ironic that Obama would appoint someone "czar"
  • Up to the point where he raises taxes.
  • He already seems to be in Kenya, but African 'American' hero. As Everyone else has said, probably not in comprison to all the other more worthy candidates. Unless he does something really really amazing. Being elected President does give him a chance though, but he still has a lot of stuff to do if he wants to get the title as 'greatest'. But atleast he has gained the title of hero, just for being the first. Good, or bad, him just being a president will put him in the history books(Obviousally), him being the first African American president will add another blurb in those history books. But just probably one paragraph more.
  • He's the culmination of greater heroes before him: Frederick Douglas, Richard Allen, Martin Luther King and countless nameless men and women who risked their lives to transform hatred into brotherhood. Barack worked very hard to get to where he is, but he could only reach the top from the shoulders of real heroes.
  • In my opinion the African American heroes are the ones who paved the way making it possible for him to get there. Those were great men like Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists who suffered the hard way to get a big improvements and changes in our society.

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