• One job interview, i walked in and shook the guys hand and he takes one look at my dishivled appearance (i ran there) and looks at me and says "why should i hire you?" and as baked as i was i said "cuz im better than u man" he said he liked my confidence and i was hired lmao weird
  • what r ur strengths and weaknesses why do you want to work for us what will u bring to our company
  • "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" Dang - I dunno where I will be next month!
  • Once at an interview I felt as if I were at a psychologist. They would ask how I would FEEL in certain situations. When was the last time I was very stressed. What kind of emotional environment I would work best in. It was..bizzare. Didnt get the job. lol. I was not prepared for those kind of questions.
  • where do you see yourself in 5 years - or the future... for all i know i could be dead, paralised or i could have popped out a few kids.. i dont like long term plans.. i go with the flow..
  • "Why were you fired from your last job?"
  • What are your weaknesses? Seriously, is there a good way to answer that question?
  • What sort of salary are you looking for? About 5 million a year, what do you think ? Too much ?
  • I hate hate hate...why do you want to work for us? Well, I really don't but I need a paycheck. If I was independently wealthy and/or finished with school, I definitely would not be here! But in the mean time, here I am! I can understand that for professional jobs...but I was looking for a second part time job to pay for my tri stuff. They asked me this at a bar as a waitress. I can't even say free booze. Cause I don't drink. Haha
  • Will you please put your pants back on?...
    • Anoname
  • Have you got a big willy.
  • What was the reason you left _____ position? *That always drives me nuts because Im a walker... I have been know to get pissed off at some random (usually high-up on the food chain, manager, moron.) and just leave in the middle of the day and never went back. It's better than punching someone in the face I suppose? But it doesn't look good on a resume to always say "I wasn't happy."
  • I hate when they say "where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
  • "Why should I hire you?" Hello!! 'cause I need a job! you imbecile!
  • "Would you be willing to take a urinary drug test?"
  • How do you feel about working weekends? (On a M-F job, weekends should be off-limits)
  • I used to get asked stuff like, "With all those languages you speak, why aren't you working for the government or something?" I hated that. As if a skill automatically locks you into a job. Well, now I work for the government so they don't ask me that much any more.
  • What is your philosophy about ____________? You can fill in the blank with whatever the job entails. This sort of question was always a brain wracker for me.
  • Why do you want to work here? I dunno, I need the money??
  • What is your biggest strength/weakness?
  • "What do you have that other applicants don't?" or "What can you offer that other applicants can't?" Duh, how would I know who the other applicants are?
  • One guy asked me how many words per HOUR I typed!!!
    • Linda Joy
  • I hate the hypothetical question... How would you handle this situation or how would you resolve this problem..."Honestly brother, you couldn't handle the truth"! So, I'll keep talking until it makes some kind of sense. :)
  • OMG the one I always hated (retired now!!) was 'where do you want to be in 5 years if we offer you this position?" When I interviewed for my last job, word processing for a huge office equipment company, I said that I 'hated that question and I"ll be honest.......5 years? Doing what I was doing when I started......word processing.....I don't wanna be a manager, don't wanna be a sales rep, don't wanna be a sales manager, just a good word processor!". he sorta grinned and then said 'when can you start?" WHEW did I breath a sigh of relief (in my head, of course!!!) but thats the one question I always hated the most......
  • What kind of a tree would you be if you were a tree?
  • None of them. I'm good at interviews and tests.
  • I remember being asked in an interview many years ago to describe myself and I got stuck on that question. Hopefully I will not need another interview in my lifetime because I have a job now that was offered to me after my work experience and I enjoy my job since it started in 2019.
  • Do you have any std's?

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