• If they share a parent, it's still considered incest...but if there's no blood relationship, it's legal...
  • The could but usually they get to know each other too well in an environment that doesn't promote marriage type of attachments. I don't think it happens very often.
  • Legally I doubt there would be a problem, but ethically, it opens up a can of worms. If you have lived as sister/brother, then marrying can create family reaction. Look at Woody Allen marrying his step daughter. Yes, she was no relation biologically, but he had brought up that child as his daughter. It makes you wonder what was going on in his mind as he was raising her.
  • If there is no blood tie there is nothing to stop them legally.
  • You can but it's gross...
  • morally i think they can, i mean there is no blood tostop them. i dont know about in canada tho.
  • my dad married a woman who has two sons, my sister married one of her sons and i am marring her other son. there is no blood so there is no problem and both my dad's side of the family and His wife's side of the family are very supportive. You cant help it who you fall in love with!
  • Yes you can. There is no common blood between the 2 of you. +5
  • yeah you can marry who you want but i think its not right they are still your siblings..go to Kentucky if you want to be insets.
  • Yes,if your not blood related

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