• Scoring 650+ in NEET is not a task which cannot be achieved. You can easily get to your target through your self determination and positive mindset. With this mindset just you have to follow the following points : 1. For any subject start studying with its theory section and get thorough knowledge in it. 2. After that start solving each and every type of questions possible in each of the topics you have completed with theory part. 3. It is advised to start with the subject which you think is your weakest. Generally for bio students physics is their toughest part so start with physics followed by Chemistry and then biology. 4. The above said technique in part 3 should be followed each and every day. i.e., you have to study all the 3 subjects daily. 5. Split your daily time into 3 slots according to your potential. For example if you can study 8 hrs daily then give 3-3 hrs to each of physics and chemistry and 2 hrs to biology. 6. If you have completed with solving almost every type of questions of all the subjects start solving model question papers in the time limit of 3 hrs. 7. Be motivated throughout your study time. Hence this way you can surely get 650+ marks in NEET 2019. For any of your such queries and problems you can contact experts on

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