• In reality you know that wishes are not going to come true. Wishing is a whimsical way to not face reality. My father gave me some advice as a young man. He would say"wish in one hand and spit in the other see which one gets filled up the quickest". Mr Bill
    • RareCatch
      Excellent only my father said shit in one hand! Feb.07
  • You can make a wish anywhere and have it come true if you will study and determine what it takes to make it happen and do what is necessary to make it happen as long as it is in your power to do so. That is how most wishes come true and how most people strike it rich - they work for their goals.
  • not by wish, but by prayer and hope that God will answer.
  • I've found this site to be very helpful It's helped so many people already. In order for your wish(es) to come true, you MUST believe and cannot be skeptical. Good Luck
  • Best place to make a wish and have it come true is by leaping off a tall the way this only works if you wish to die.....otherwise just ask the wish faries nicely.....
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Feb. 07
  • if god wants it to come to you whatever it will come to pass prayer telling others may help as god works through angels i believe and anyone can be one not knowing for purpose of many things so i say prayer i pray to Michael arch angel for guidance and answers sometimes weird just thinking of someone a call something a tv or book tells answer he is mysterious god right hand the most powerful yet has a sense humor to the point with love and understanding so angels ,god there is many arch angels of wealth ,health love etc search angels and type what you seek there are thousands of angels for different reasons of man if religion is not catholic, Cristian seek your higher power wean teach no religion on anyone its blasphemy. god bless seeking myself never loose faith listen look for sign all happens for reason no such thing as cawinsadince i believe all has a meaning as we do just my answer don't need get mad take it to heart ok jimmy still seeking daily ..rhode island
  • No such thing as wishes! Feb.07
  • On the toilet then flush it! Feb. 07

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