• There's often a little window for debate when it comes to history, but I would say 1917-1991. 1917 is the year of the Russian Revolution, which overthrew the Tsar and brought Vladimir Lenin and his followers to power. As for the end of Russian communism and the Soviet Union . . . Boris Yeltsin resigned from the Communist Party in 1990, shortly after being given the top spot in the government. So maybe you could argue that Russia stopped being communist then. In 1991 he was officially elected President of the Russian Republic, which seems like a more solid indication that communism was over.
  • Well from 1917-1991.But my personal opinion is that Russia is still sort of a communist country,although people don´t want to admit it.
  • There is some gray area but communism officially began in 1917 and ended in December of 1991. It lasted about 74 years but these dates. You can see a Russian history timeline here:
  • Not long enough!I say long live the Soviet Union and its memory!Without the Soviet Union there would'nt be any infrastructure in any of the so called 'new european'countries!Especially Estonians with a large Russian majority-you should be thankful that they invested in your country!1917-1991-but it was'nt communist;)
  • My opinion is Russia was not a communist country.It was only a socialist democratic country and was on the way to communist nation.
  • 1917-1991
  • Ever since the Russian Revolution of 1917. They like to play themselves off as more of a democracy now, but they're still communists.

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