• That depends on what state you're in, how fast you were going, what the posted speed limit is, and how many previous violations you have. Hefty fines and loss of your driver's license are always possible and usually a given. Excessive speeding may be considered Reckless Driving which IS grounds for some time behind bars. Don't do 148 in a 45 ;)
  • Usually, you won't get a speeding ticket if you don't go over the speed limit more than 5 to 7 mph. More than that is bad, especially in school zones. Really, why would you want to give your cash for a speeding ticket, anyway? I have heard of people being deported for DUI.
  • 1. at least in florida, you can go up to 15 miles over a speed limit until you're legally speeding (strange, but the speed limit is more of a suggested speed then a definite law). 2. you should be charged the same as a citizen, speeding is a minor offense, just don't be reckless or, god forbid, run someone over. 3.i don't advise seeding in the first place but i assume you ask because you DID speed and fear the punishment.
  • You are treated equally, just like everyone else. if its your first offense, you will qualify for a 4-hour defensive driving class. once completed, your citation will be dismissed. second and third offenses are tougher.
  • 25 years to life in the electric chair.

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