• Get a trial version of one of these programs here: ...Or you could pay for the full version. Personally, I don't recommend it. Money is precious.
  • The amazing (free) Super video converter can also convert audio, including wma to mp3. See here:
  • Don't! That's a bad idea. Because both formats are what's known as 'lossy', you will lose audio quality if you do. Each format chops off seemingly 'useless' bits of the audio stream that are as unnoticeable as possible to reduce file size. However, no two codecs/formats are the same meaning different bits get removed each time. This means that if you convert from one lossy format to another, you are at risk of seriously damaging the quality of the audio. The answer in most cases is that it's just not worth it, unless you are converting from a very high quality (say 320 kbps or more) to a lower quality. But even then it's dubious.
  • I would download iTunes. It is free, and it is easy to use. go to
  • I found a really cool program called "Switch", that will convert media files into many different formats, including .mp3. Unfortunately, the free version is only a trial. A good, completely free program is "Free mp3 wma converter" and can be downloaded from
  • you can even use winamp to do that like this: load the files in the playlist, go to options - preferences - output - nullsoft disk writer and set how u want to convert them, press ok then close , play the files without repeating the playlist and VOILA , u converted them without downloading anything new :) (in my view i think u had winamp installed on ur pc :p) P.S.: remember to set back to nullsoft directsound output or each time u'll try to play something in winamp it will convert the file, not play it ;)
  • Daniusoft WMA MP3 Converter software is the quickest and easiest solution to remove drm from WMV, M4V, M4P, WMA, M4A, AAC, M4B, AA files by quick recording. It gets audio and video stream at the bottom of operating system, so the output quality is lossless and the conversion speed is fast . The process is as follows.
  • you can use Total Video Converter(free) for the conversion of WMA file to MP3.
  • Format Factory is the only program you need. It can convert every file type imaginable.
  • I would use foobar2000. It's also my music player of choice. Note: A conversion from WMA to MP3 is a LOSSY conversion, that is, there IS some degradation in sound quality, regardless of the bit-rates you choose, since the audio has to be re-encoded into another lossy format.
  • try this one, u may feel prettygood itool wma to mp3 converter
  • You have to rip it.
  • If you want freeware you might want to try dBPowerAmp Music Converter. That's what I use.
  • You can use Total Video Converter (TVC) to convert WMA to MP3 file..

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