• Once and YES:):)
  • thankfully, no...
  • I was never punished with anything other than a hand!
  • Yes. I was disciplined oftern by my parents and I honestly belive it sorted me out. I was a terror child. Finaly my parents turned to corpral punishment. I remeber vividly one occasion, as a punishment for smashing dishes (on purpose) Being called to my father's room and beaten harshly with his belt. Through this mannor I slowly learned all actions have consequenses.
  • yes and a belt is not harsh punishment! there needs to be alot more of that going on today in my opinion!
  • I was occasionally. I deserved most of them. Dad reserved them for especially heinous crimes (setting fire to the woods, raising money for false charities, etc.)
  • oh yes, i definitely have. my stepmother use to beat the shit out of me with whatever she could grab, which was typically a belt or ruler. one time, i brought home a bad progress report and she became so infuriated, she ran into the kitchen, grabbed a metal spatula, ran BACK to the living room, and started hitting me with it.
  • I don't think so My Sister Heard me say the F-word when the wrench slipped while I was tightening up the belt on the riding lawn mower Busted open a knuckle;) Told my step-dad and he spanked me with the belt;) The Bad Part 2-weeks later my two sisters got in a fight, and man the cuss words where flying along with the fists and nothing happened to either one of them;) Doe Figure;)!!*Shrugs Shoulders*
  • Yes, many times, and none of my actions were worth getting the belt, I could get it for having a look on my face. I think it is wrong, there are many other ways to teach children, if you feel the need to spank them, use your hand.
  • Not by a belt but my dad's hand was harder than any belt and to be honest I did deserve it.Taught me a very valuable lesson.
  • oh yea at least three times a week when i was younger like 7 8 or 9 years old. and yes i did deserve it, I was a lil bitch backthen :)
  • Many times and yes....I was a naughty little boy....wait, that doesn't sound right....I was a bad kid.
  • Yes and yeah I deserved it.
  • yes and it was the 70's
  • Oh yes... And I can promise you that I should have had it done far more often. I was a little tyrant.
  • I was, and I don't feel I deserved it. My step mom was a drunk and one day she decided to make a meal with beets when I was about 7 or 8, which was already known that I didn't like. I really didn't want to eat them, so I took my time. She decided to tell me that if I didn't eat them fast enough I would get the belt. I was scared and started shoving them in my face but apparently that wasn't fast enough because I got the belt anyway. Lower back, rear and back of the thighs. It led to the divorce of my father and my step mom.
  • Yes and no.
  • Yes, I was beaten with a metal broom; I had bruises all over my legs. I don't think I deserved it - My twin took a knife and cut me in the arm with it, so I yelled in pain, which caused my mother to get mad and hit ME with it. Psh, she always gets me in trouble. -_-
  • Never a belt. My mom used a wooden paddle to spank me with (bare bottomed over her knee) which was harsh enough, believe me!!! Although i didn't think so at the time looking back now it probably was deserved! They were for either defiance or immaturity reasons. I was spanked for reasons such as breaking curfew by at least a couple of hours, leaving the house when i was grounded, playing Frisbee with my grandmothers irreplaceable 78 records and even once when she walked in and caught me urinating in the garage when she had me cleaning it for her one day (too lazy to come in the house to use the bathroom i guess?). That one I remember well because it was the last spanking she ever gave me! All this happened when i was in my early to mid teens. Who knows what i did when i was younger (don't remember much from before 7th grade)? It was just her way of telling me to either grow the hell up/act my age or by letting me know that she was still the boss!
  • o yeah painfull butt and pride
  • In this country (UK) its illegal, its labelled child abuse and if a kid is brave enough to tell a teacher what happened just once, Social Services get called in and the kid gets rescued.
    • Dokie
      As far as I know, spanking is not illegal in the England
  • Yes, my father used to beat the shit out of us. And no, I did not deserve it. With my father it didn't matter who committed the so called crime , whoever was handy got the beating. I remember once my sister and myself drew some chalk arrows on the brick house, my mother told on us and he beat us both. By the way, the chalk washed off with just a hosing down. I was about 6 at the time.
  • yes i was spanked with a belt for losing 10.00 dollers and i deserved it to.
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      ...and you still can't spell "dollars". Lol:)
  • Yep... As I said here (comments) "I seem to remember having that done a LONG time ago, yes. How 'bout a "switch" (a long thin branch)? ... a wooden spoon? ... a hairbrush?... a 2" wide x 1/4" thick yardstick? a flyswatter? (I'm sure there were other implements, but those are the ones I can recall.) . Do I agree with this type of spanking? No. I DO agree with spanking, but only barehanded and only one or two swats - NO WELTS. . BTW: My parents LOVED me then, and do so now, and I love them now. It takes some time to realize that most of what they do, they had done to them, and it takes a while to become friends... You CAN love someone without liking them." What I don't understand is why someone would believe that I would lie about that ("Smartmouth?")
  • It used to be a common punnishment for boys only, when I was in public school and yes, I got the "strap" once. Did I deserve it? I can't even remember why I got it. :) Just about anything was fair game to get the strap. If you put your foot over the line onto the girls side of the playground, you got it. If you didn't do all your homework, you got it. It didn't require much.It took far more effort to avoid that thing.
    • Crazychick
      If the belt was for boys only, what did the girls get? Your old school sounds a bit sexist to me.
    • Bijou Pleasurette
      Yeah, that's not fair.
  • My step-father beat my lil brother and I regularly with his belt. I did deserve A FEW good whoopin's, but never those that left the black and blue bruises with the red outlines (in the shape of the belt), all across the thighs, butt, and lower back! The last one I got was at 15, when I said the next time the belt came off, I was gone. So, that led to the fist-fight that caused me to leave at 16.
  • I was also spanked a lot of times with a belt. Most of the cases for which I got spanked is breaking window glass or some flower vase or complain from teachers. My mother used to get very angry and spanked me lot. I think I needed spanking with belt (though at that time it was painful) but not for continuous twenty minutes. I think spanking if with a belt should not be done for more than five minute
  • I was always spanked with a belt by my mom especially on my lower bottom and mostly bare. I think I needed hard spanking as I was mischievous at young age. I think a boy like me at young ages should be spanked twice a week for five minutes on bare butts with belt or equivalent other thrashing But my mom used to beat me almost alternate day and that two two three times a day and prolonged lashing with belt for nearly an hour sometimes and in general it was 20 minutes. I don't think that I deserved that much. She used to beat me very hard until my back develops belt marks and it was so hard that I used to develop bruises on by back very often.
  • Yes, I have been, and no, I didn't deserve it. Why would anyone deserve it? Is it ever okay to assault someone? Why is it considered okay to assault a child, but not, say, a spouse? Or a parent?
  • i remember the cane,this was kept in a special place(for me no doubt,lol)once in the bath i was held up in the air and given what for,that one i remember 42 yrs later,anyway i dont think i had more than about 8 hidings growing up,most with that flippig cane,to be truthful i guess i deserved each one i got,todays peeps think hidings were bad(abuse is a different thing)i think our most of our young need a good hiding,bring out that respect they dont know they that caning in the bath was for shooting a stranger between the eyes with a pellet gun(thats another story)and that cane i inherited about 8 yrs ago and yes its got its special place,but not for hidings.
  • Yes and I deserved it. I pissed in a paper grocery bag and it leaked out and onto the floor. I was maybe 10 years old at the time.
    • Crazychick
      Ewww that's gross. :(
  • Yes my father had a metal hooped belt that was the beating tool of choice. I got it once for something my brothers did my mom said I couldn't sit for almost a week. I don't remember the beating I just remember him walking in my room to do it.
  • Oh god. Yah I get spanking by a belt. My mother is a really tough one. She spanks me really hard. She has bought some nice belts just to spank me. And she spanks really hard over my skirt , over panties and many a times bare butts. I am 17 now and still she spanks me for every single mistake. She doesn't cares that it hurts dearly.I do not know when will she stop.
  • My mom liked to use the belt only in extreme cases. An instance: We were waiting in the wait room for train. I told her that I am going to take a tea. She asked me not to go far away.But I was late very late I should say and she was searching for me earnestly. Finally when she got me it was her anger rather than the motherly care that overpowered.She took me to the bathroom. And there she pulled up my skirt and down went my panties near my knees.And then she took out her belt and started spanking so hard that I had to scream.
  • no its not good educative punishment its hurts realyy hard on you backside its damage my soul i receive that belt punishment than i wher locked in the dark closet for 2 hours every half hour i receive the beatings from the belt that al the 17 years of mij life and the worst is that i was beatet bij my fathher ITS NOT GOOD
  • Yeah, my dad spanked me with a belt quite a few times.
  • Yes, I was, and no, I don't think I deserved it.
  • Yeah, I had the belt lots of times. Maybe I did deserve it, I wasn't an innocent little angel. Lol:)
  • A fly swatter and for larger infractions there was this really wide salad spoon that mom kept in a particular drawer. All she had to do was head toward that drawer and we smartened up quick.
  • Yes, it was my standard punishment as a kid and I earned them with my smart mouth and disregard for rules.
  • No, I was not spanked BY a belt, I was spanked WITH a belt by my dad. A belt can't spank me by itself, can it?
    • Bootsiebaby
      Good point.
  • I have.
  • Yes, although it wasn't justified. It was more of: "You did it, and now you're going to get it." Most children have experienced old-fashioned discipline. I believe a verbal warning should be said before physically striking out. Children who experience repeated use of torture tend to develop more aggressive behaviors and mental health disorders when they get older.
  • Yes, belts were used among other things. I was hit with a board that had a nail in it. My mom even said it snagged my britches the first time so she flipped it over and continued. I don't remember what it was for. I was also hit with a flyswatter till blood came out of my legs - by my ex husband, who also picked me up threw me in the floor and kicked me in my face. No, I didn't deserve it.
  • Yup. Belt. Frying pan. I even got to stand there and watch my father make a paddle to use. Took him about an hour. Turned out nice, too.
  • I was threatened with the belt but never struck with it.
  • One time from a belt, where afterwards, my skin raised and red. Then it was with a wooden spoon, where 1 broke over my ass. lol
  • never ever ..
  • Oh yes, that happened pretty frequently at my house when I was a kid. Sometime I deserved it other times not.
  • My parents didn't spank even with their hands. They would never have considered using a belt, paddle, hairbrush, etc. My punishments involved having things taken away, or being grounded. I didn't get into a lot of trouble, but there were a couple of occasions when I was grounded for quite a long time.

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