• Your best bet is to go to your local car parts store and buy a Haynes Manual or buy a Chilton's. If you really got money to burn, you can buy a factory repair manual from the dealer which would have these instructions among many others. I would highly recommend going this route as using incorrect anti-freeze or the wrong amount can seriously damage your vehicle.
  • Undo bottom Radiator hose drain Radiator put hose back on tighten securely Then fill radiator With 50/50 antifreeze you can buy it premixed. oh yeah, there will be a lot of water from the radiator when drained deal with accordingly ...I Have never changed the coolant myself, usually leave it to the mechanics when putting in a new radiator. Which has happened due to leaks or a new engine. Why do you want to change the coolant? It's not like motor oil, where you change it every once in awhile. Maybe if someone poured something into your radiator for a halloween Trick?? Best to take it to a radiator place or car mechanic to deal with. that's a lot of water all over the place. haha

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