• I'm not offended, but I really, really don't like it. Scotch is a drink.
  • Scotch can also meant to thwart, as well as it's being an abbreviation for Scottish whisky. However, Scottish people tend to hate being called Scotch, and they're usually a bit sensitive to the jibes about them being frugal.
  • I have heard of 'scotch' (Not 'Scotch') being used to mean 'prevent', but I have never heard of the word being used to describe frugality. The only 'Scotch' I know is something that makes for a 'special' kind of coffee. :)
  • I heard it once years ago. I've also heard that Scottish people are said to have very deep pockets and short arms.
  • My mother (British decent) often used the term "scotch" to mean not enough of something. For example "that jacket is a bit scotch" (too tight) or "you are a bit scotch with your servings (not generous)
  • Hi I am Scottish and I had never heard of the word "Scotch" with reference to frugality. I am not offended. We normally use Scotch to mean a drink. I will give you an old joke: How was copper-wire invented? Two Scots Men fighting over a penny. As a Scot it doesn't offend me at all but some of my fellow Scot's are not amused regarding the use of frugality aimed at our nation. I hope this helps and if no, I am awfy sorry but I cannie help you anymare than
  • I'm scorrtish - nah, don't get offended by any reference to Scots being mean (with money) - it's only because you don't know us....... To know us is to love us! But yes, we do get labelled that all the time, same as Irish get labelled as being stupid. I know for a fact that that statement is just plain WRONG!
  • Meh, I'm a little offended when people use the word 'Scotch' to describe a 'Scot'.
  • I haven't heard the word "Scotch" used in that context but I know all about the Scottish reputation for frugality and there's nothing wrong with it. My husband's father is Scottish and my husband takes after him for being frugal. I don't think it's a bad thing.
  • They probably are. The term in that context has almost disappeared over time but, probably pre-World War II, it was a derogatory term to identify someone as super cheap.

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