• A couple of decades ago, I was snorkelling in the Caribbean in about 10 metres of water. Suddenly I saw two sharks resting on the sea-bed. I nearly had a heart attack in my excitement. I couldn't make out the species because the water was slightly murky following a hurricane. But looking back on it, I think they were reef sharks. It was a highlight of my life so far.
  • Several on South Padre Island, TX including one my nephew caught while fishing. it was about 4 ft long. Also while fishing I have had them swim around me as I was wade fishing
    • Linda Legion
      Wow Thinker, that sounds wicked. Lucky you.
    • Thinker
      To tell you the truth it was a little scary when they were swimming around me. They were about 50 feet away but I was afraid they would come in and try for the fish I had on my stringer. My nephew was pretty excited with the one he caught while fishing, he was about 10 years old at the time. He was on shore though. We wouldn't allow him to wade fish yet.

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