• 2 weeks, I quit because it was the 3rd time I'd gone back to the company and I thought it was just the team they put me on but it was really the job itself that drove me insane.
  • Four or five days. It was a job at a television station. I just stopped going to work because I didn't know my exact duties and responsibilities and I didn't know my salary and other benefits. Apparently, the manager wanted to just take people in as fast as she could because they really needed personnel at that time. They were in a rush that things that should have been clarified in the interview weren't clarified.
  • 4 days. I was 17 and was hired as a "spare hand" on a farm. That meant literally shoveling crap. The first two days I bailed hay. The next two days were on the shovel. I just couldn't take it after two days.
  • 2 days. Quit. Chambermaid job.
  • I think it would be about 2 months my senior year in college. I was a package handler at UPS, I got in a car wreck with a drunk driver, one week before i graduated, didnt have a way to work so I quit. I was going to quit in a couple more weeks anyways though.
  • i was duped into working as a "kennel assistant" for two days, and quit once i realized the job was basically just cleaning up poop.
  • I worked part time as a dishwasher/cleaner/pastry maker at a small pastry shop when I was a teenager, I quit after 8 months.
  • Well that depends lol. There was one job I was considering at a taxi company switchboard (between jobs, needed money) but I only lasted there for one 12 hour shift which was considered training. They didn't have a clue what they were doing. The manager was desperate for someone and shoved me in so quick; the lady was training me was so negative but for good reason when I saw what she had to put up with; everything fell on her, no one else pulled their weight. You basically were supposed to know everything from a 12 hour shift that probably would have/should have taken 2 weeks to teach with the way things worked. I've had a few jobs where I've only stayed a short time and have been in different jobs, mainly when I was traveling. It's funny; some of the ones I didn't last in, I felt guilty about leaving. But looking back, it's not always the employee's fault at all. When I think about the crappy management, people who I will never know how they ever got that position of authority, my god ugh ugh ugh. I used to think it was something wrong with me. Man I could write a paper on it...

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