• I'm not sure that it is. In an analysis prepared for U.S. Intelligence in 1999, four main types are mentioned. Only two of those are religious based. Nationalist-Separatist Religious Fundamentalist New Religious Social Revolutionary
  • When religion inspires terrorism is is not only appropriate but necessary to classify it based on religion, in much the same way battlefield commanders distinguish between enemy troops based on nationality.
  • Not all terrorist organizations are religious in nature. There is an organization in Peru called The Shining Path that is a bunch of communist terrorists ( However, I think that the Muslim terrorists get the most press these days because they are the ones that cause the most trouble internationally.
  • Because it's in and a way to diminish the sway of religion by tying it in with terrorism when in fact religion is rarely a cause for terrorism just a good recruiting banner. Nazism used Christianity and Wicca to recruit. Communism used Judasim and Christianity to recruit and so on. There are too many bookworms and not professionals in the field most have never met a terrorist face to face but have only read about them and have just massed houses of cards whch people take as research. Politics is the cause of terrorism as it takes control of the system in a way that it sees fit for the few and the people have no option but to fight it.
  • It's not, have you never heard of Nationalist Terrorism, eg: IRA in Northern Ireland ETA in Northern Spain
  • Marxist terrorism, Nationalist terrorism, Anarchist terrorism, Warlords who use terror as a weapon... Many people other than the religious have used terrorist methods.
  • There are also atheist terrorism groups such as the Tamil tigers I agree terrorism is mostly political anyway not religious.
  • Ask those whom are pushing so hard for the New World Order. They have the answer.

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