• The weather was nice; and I lived within driving distance to the ocean/beach. : )
  • I loved the beach and the mountains, the variety that is just a few miles away. I could play at the beach one day and next day go cross country skiing in the middle of nowhere (which we did a few times!!!) I loved the weather up to a point. We had very cold winters and then would zoom up to over 100°F and just stay there for weeks. We'd reach 115-118°F During August and I would just die! But then again, I could start my cold weather crops in my veggie garden in Feb and March, even though we could still get killing frosts in April. So gardening was really sweet. As a cook, I loved the availability of top notch produce, near year round and great local produce. And so many more people seem health conscious so organic things are easily available.
  • the people are friendlier than in any other state. people arent so judgemental. there are so many universities and colleges and various schools that they promote a world consciousness all over the state of calfornia. People just accept people for who they are. They arent damned because of their religion or the color of their skin or their polictical beliefs or just because they want to be different or their sexual direction.
  • i lived on ocean front property and could hear the sea lions! i loved the redwoods and the foggy air... so clean and pure. california is a state that has it all, ocean, desert, mountains, valleys, snow, you name it, besides volacanos!
  • With all it's large cities, employment is usually easy to find. It's still not so developed that you can't live in the country, if you'd like. California has numerous state & national parks, a mountain range that travels nearly the length of the state and the weather is probably the mildest in the U.S. The coastline has some of the most unique beaches in the U.S., as well. My favorite ... a great place for motorcycle riding!
  • I love everything about California, but there is nothing I like more than the opportunity to get away from everywhere walking in the hills around Napa valley.
  • Ive not lived there, but we visited there last year, our friend lived in San Bernadino, just at the base of the lovely mountians that take you up to Arrowhead and Big Bear, it was beautiful, the weather is near perfect, the people friendly, the scenery lovely, the cities great, we also visited San Francisco, and San Deigo, among other places, loved it all !!
  • I live in nor-cal and the people don't generaly sweat the small stuff like oregon and have the why are you talking to me type attitude.I've volunteered recently for the fire dept and have been excepted by the members even though I'm a volunteer and cal-fire is full of pretty boys on the pay roll they haven't been as stand offish twards county as I thought.I got tired of oregons rain it made me depressed and want to sleep in bed all day.I got beat up by bullies in school everyday up there and always treated like a second class citizen I grew up in oregon and was born there lived for 26yrs been here in nor-cal for 4 years.

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