• No, once I moved out I've been fortunate enough to never had a need to move back. Now I did go stay with them for several days when I was being stalked and at the time I lived alone in an apartment.
  • Needed to but the invitation never came. But it was the best thing that could have happened. It shows what your made of when push comes to shove.
  • Twice. Once for exactly one month after I was seperated and the second time after I sold my house and just before moving out of state, that was about 5 weeks.
  • NOPE, Always managed on my own no matter what had happened;)!!
  • Yes. I have very poor health and missed enough work for illness that I got in a real financial jam. At the same time some roommates did me dirty and stuck me with rent I couldn't afford and my car died permanently. I had just enough in my last paycheck to rent a van and move home. It was hell and I got out as soon as I was able.
  • Yes, I left my boyfriend at college when I was 19. I moved back home to my parents, where else was I gonna go?? lol. 10 years later I have my own home so it all worked out. :))
  • I have to live with a guardian. I am disabled.
  • A small poem to answer your question: There once was a man from Mass who's wife was a pain in the ass. She stole his house and took in a louse and made him keep mowing the grass.
  • i did twice... first time i moved out was with a gf and things got messed up for us living together, second time i traded my 1 bedroom for a 2 bedroom apt when my cousin came to live with me, signed a lease for 6 mo and then he left after a couple of months... i was stuck paying for twice the rent because all of my friends had places to live and i was not willing to accept a random roommate... i moved back to save up some cash
  • Well, sort of. As newlyweds trying to get out of the city, we left our apartment and moved 300 miles north and moved into his parents home to take care of it while they were in Columbia for several months. We lived there alone for about 4 months. Then they returned and we lived there for another 2 months maybe, while we looked for property to buy and settle on.
  • NO, and I never will.
  • I did my last year of college because I was on an internship.
  • Yes, graduated
  • Yes, my husband and I moved in with my mother because we were ill-prepared to sell our house on the day it hit the market. They even gave us a bonus to be out in a month. We stayed with my Mom until we found a new house.
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