• Depending on how much security you need, there are 3 ways I can think of to do it. If security isn't an issue, you can use an internet tcp port control to issue rsh commands to the linux box on tcp port 514. Check the RFCs for info on how the remote shell protocol works - it is very simple (it is also called rsh, remsh, shell). Be aware most modern linux versions have rsh disabled because it is not secure (it sends passwords in clear text). If you need security, look at using an ocx that implements the ssh protocol to do the same thing. has some secure socket tools that do this. This is more complicated, but most linux versions come with ssh already enabled. For both methods, you connect to the box with a valid username, password, and command, and the output of the command is returned as text. A third way would be to install a command line ssh client on the Windows side (such as Putty or similar) and make system() calls to run the ssh client to make the connection, and return the results. Then you don't have to mess with figuring out the protocols or ocx controls. If you need more details, let me know.

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