• Sure, why not? I respect many religions while not believing in any of them. So long as the religion promotes living a good life while trying to minimize the detrimental effects on others, I don't see what's not to like.
  • I do Respect them, just 'cause of that, 'cause I'm ignorant to it, i have no right to give my opinion at first sight, simply 'cause I don't know how and why works. I might look at it bad 'cause people do things in the name of it that is not right.. but just by hearing about it or seeing people dressing in a certain way? NO. I let it slip..
  • I think so. I travel in Indonesia frequently. Many Indonesians are Muslims. I have been to mosques for funeral services of friends. I don't believe in Islam, but I still go out of respect for the deceased, and I will cover up and sit with the women. I am also mostly in the island of Bali, which is majority Hindu. Once again, I don't believe in Hinduism, but I won't interrupt a ceremony or enter a sacred place unless I am welcome. You don't have to sacrifice your integrity. If there is something they require you to do that might do so, then you politely withdraw, explaining that your beliefs will not permit you to partake. That is normally accepted. They also sometimes ask you about your beliefs and then you have a chance to explain.
  • Of course, I actually went on a sort of religeon reading-upy thing and i read a bunch of diffent bible like things, mostly so i can argue and win. But anyway i was raised in an irish-catholic and lutheran enviroment, i attended an arabic elementary school, i got quite alot of insight into the religeon and find myself constantly insulted with peoples opinions
  • ofcourse... just have respect for yourself and humanity, and if you dont learn to respect their relegion they wont learn to respect yours, because you will be the disrespectful relegious type. ya dig?
  • yes. you have to respect all religions coz some one belives that and you have to respect to all.
  • yes. i don't believe in any religion, but i respect them all. everybody has different beliefs, and i try to understand their views. :)
  • Very much so. It's possible to show respect to someone you don't like or even hate inside. Especially is this so for one of the definitions of respect which is deference or courteous regard for people's feelings. Nearly everyone and everything can fall under that banner.
  • I respect all religions (well except that one). Just because I don't believe in what it teaches, does not mean it is not a great way of life for others.
  • I respect all religions so should everyone. Most religious people redicule and disrespect anyone with a different view without looking at the facts first. If all religious people were open minded and accept having an opinion, most religions would either be different or would completely fase out
  • I am, of course, well aware the knee-jerk reaction of people to say they respect other views and other religions. How could I not be??? My point is, don’t they claim this simply because they’ve picked up on the phrase without considering the implications? I think they may mean ACCEPT (live and let live) rather than RESPECT (revere, pay homage to). Personally, I may ACCEPT that some religions practice child sacrifice, or mutilation, or that some adherents to a religion believe they must kill members of other religions in order to enter the holy gate, (acceptance being non-interference), but I would never claim to hold religions with such practices in RESPECT. Perhaps some PEOPLE really DO respect them, what do I know. That’s just the question. I still do not feel I have a meaningful answer, and I think I may never get an honest, individual answer. People will just hide behind and justify the standard one. But religion, religious beliefs and followers of religions, are queer fish. I think the problem shows in greater relief when the same people are asked the far less familiar question, whether or not they respect other political systems than their own. This unfamiliarity may prompt them to pause for a moment and consider the ramifications of their answer. Would they be so bold as to claim RESPECT for NAZI-ism, communism and the Pol Pot political agenda? Again, they might. They might say the power base in any country has a right to set the agenda and pursue it. Again, in my book I would consider a policy of non-interference different to having respect. But that is a later question.
  • Glen the number 666 is not about being satanic, get your facts right. Satanism is not nessessarily a form of worshipping Lucifer. We have been thaught to see Lucifer as Satan (the adversary) , as some sadistic hideous monster who thrives on Man's evil. This is not so. Satanism is about believing in oneself more than anything else it is about gaining power within oneself through magic and meditation. Truely worshipping and believing in the most powerful, wisest, most beautiful of all creations is not very different than worshipping God. The number 666 is a revellation a code meaning perfection but there's a lot to it you'll have to find that out for yourself.
  • By the way forget the theory that the antichrist is going to rise from the USA .
  • I would say that I try to respect people regardless of their religion. I respect people who are devout in their belief because that is hard to do in today's society. But honestly I am not sure I would say I respect the religion its self. I guess its all a matter of semantics.
  • Yes. And even if you DONT respect their religion, doesnt mean you dont respect the person. Each person is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions...
  • Does Glen have anything better to do then to keep on harrassing me?
  • Of course it is, it's even a healthy perspective to adopt. Religions should not be mutually exclusive, they all have something to teach.
  • I think it's possible to respect most or all religions that promote kindness and decency.
  • yeah, I do!
  • Sure! I respect mormons with all my heart, even though i'm not one.
  • A person doesn't have to share my religious beliefs to be respected as a person anymore than they have to agree with me on a favorite color.
  • Yes it is.
  • Yes, it is possible. Aside from the inevitible fanatics which are usually drawn to every religion who tend to convolute the actual teachings, there are things in most religions which are worthy of respect.
  • 5-12-2017 If you don't believe something it is nonsense by definition. That does not mean you have to be disrespectful.
    • Jewels Vern
      It is important to figure out just what you think the word means. Many or most people think respect is related to firepower.
  • I think so I respect all religions and everyone's right to worship as they choose.
    • Linda Joy
      Unless they're sacrificing children that would be one religion I wouldn't respect or condone
  • Your "beliefs" are immaterial when it comes to respect.
  • To be fair, you can agree to disagree.
  • If you know a religion is not being obedient to scripture, then do not join it or have anything to do with it...but do nothing to harm it. (Hebrews 10:30) For we know the One who said:
  • Of course. Just as you would respect a person from a different nationality than you.

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