• Most animals know that incest causes genetic defects to their offspring. Your brother and sister kittens will probably not mate with eachother when they grow up, but you should have them spayed and neutered to prevent them from doing so in the future. Doing so now is less expensive then caring for the kittens they may produce. If they do choose to mate, it should be around the one year mark minimum.
    • Mircat
      There is no such thing as incest beliefs in the animal world and they most certainly will mate.
  • I have a cat who was 6 months old. It can cause genetic problems later on if they do. Do you mate within your own human family with your brothers and sisters?
  • Yes they can and yes the will. Female cats usually come into heat around six or eight months of age. I have a cat from such a union. He isnt missing any toes, and does not have an extra head. Spay or neauter your pets!
  • copied from: Domestic cats reach reproductive age between 7 and 12 months. A breeding female (called a queen) can be in heat, or estrus, as many as five times a year. During these periods, which last about five days, the cat "calls," or caterwauls, intermittently.
  • Inbreeding can cause genetic defects. Get them spayed/neutered as soon as you are able to.
  • Yes they could - which is something you don't want to happen. If you are going to keep both kittens make sure you get them fixed.
  • Don't ever mate siblings as it's really bad, genetically speaking. Kitten can be capable of reproducing at a young age, around 5 months of age, so get them spayed and neutered very early
  • No they can NOT mate..please do some research before you start to breed..
  • Yes they will mate and if you dont get them spayed and neutered by 4 months by 6 you can have a pregnant cat if not kittens.

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