• Very important. No, they don't rule our lives, they simplify them.
  • They are very important, but we rule them, not the other way around. Unless you play world of warcraft. Lets have a moment of Answerbag silence for all those people.
  • computers ARE important because they've made our lives easier, more enriched, and better than ever before. We can learn things in a few minutes, which before would have taken a research trip to the library. Now we just take a trip to the computer room and type in our subject. Science and research can go forward in faster, more efficient ways as scientists can share their findings over the internet for others to see instantaneously. We can keep in touch with people that we never would have before. All our friends from high school, friends who moved to another state, etc. While we could have with letters in the past, people usually wouldn't have taken the time or effort to do so. Banks and the way we use money has been revolutionized. We can get our money 24 hours a day at ATM's and we can use credit cards and debit cards to purchase things that you once only could use cash for. They don't rule our lives, they supplement our lives in a good way.

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