• I am not really sure that you can get rid of strays without having a rescue group take them away. If they are neighborhood cats with owners, try appealing to them about your problem. Perhaps they would agree to puting a litter box outside, but secure from bad weather, and see that it is kept clean. I live in a stilt home with sand beneath. I finally got the loose cats in my neighborhood to stop using the sand as a litter box by laying chicken wire over the entire area and securing it with 15" kabob skewers. Of course I am sure that the offending cat(s) go to another neighbors home where there is mulch around Use a kind solution, after all, the cats are just doing what is expected. The owners, if they have owners, are the offenders.
  • You can treat the lawn with a mixture that kills fleas, ticks and ants, Lowes sells it.

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