• in my experience, most men prefer curvy girls... they like girls with some butt.
  • I think that's just the media's outlook; lots of men prefer a curvy girl, that's what makes them look like girls after all. :)
  • Most BOYS prefer skinny girls. MEN prefer women with some MEAT on their bones.
  • I don't think most men prefer skinny girls. Im neither skinny nor curvy, and my husband constantly tells me that it wouldn't hurt if I gained some weight. And it seem most of his friends share his view. None of them have a skinny wife/gf
  • Well i'm not most men, so i can say i do not prefer skinny girls. Who wants to go out with a bag of bones anyway. Not i.
  • we don't! i don't have a preference either way. it's what's on the inside that counts.
  • I dont think so, any will.
  • we don't like them skinny - just not too fat and not too slim
  • For the same reason girls prefer skinny boys to curvy ones.
    • Nosmo King
  • Men man say they like curvy girls, but this is why girls are confused - men think of curvey a little differently than woman. For a man, a curvy woman is actually one that is very slim but with some boob and bum. A curvy girl by a mans standards could be anywhere from - 105-135lbs by a mans standards (which could be very slim depending on height). Woman see curvy as closer to 150-160lbs. A man would consider this fat. Some Men can't really see how fat deposits on a girl! LOL.
  • Not so, skinny girls appear undernourished and sickly.
  • Not true. Most men do not like women to be like rakes. They like shapely yet slender girls. There's a huge difference. The key is that shapely does not mean fat, nor does it mean skinny.
  • Not sure but it's horrible when you are dating or know someone who is scamming on girls just because they are skinny since that's not all the matters. Amy Winehouse comes to mind..
  • We do? Curves are sexy! +5
  • Because their figure and body parts are actually visible...
  • Well apparently I'm not in the "most men" category, Although my High School sweetheart was about 5'-6" and 110 wringing wet. Just must have been a phase. Lotta fun while it lasted, but I'll take a so called "Curvy" girl any day.
  • I like the curves, skinny girls are good too, but I prefer a girl with some meat on her.
  • I'm not a man, but I'm pretty sure that's not true. >_>
  • Complete bullshit --- total bullshit. Men look more at curvy ladies -- absolutely no doubt about it!
  • We don't.
  • Really? I don't, and I don't think most other men do either. Skinny girls do not make good prospects to pass on our genes. In other words, curvy girls are associated with fecundity.
  • I don't think most men prefer skinny girls, but society tells girls that men want skinny girls.
    • Nosmo King
      Society is talking crap, as usual.
  • They do? Personally, I like curves. But then, petite is good, too... Decisions, decisions!
  • They don't prefer either. They prefer normal weight girls. But if none exist, we know that even a skinny girl will gain weight till she is normal. A heavy woman will just continue to get heavier.
  • Obese men might prefer skinny girls but the strong muscular men would prefer the curvy ones.
  • Define 'curvy'... because I truly don't know the meaning of that word anymore. Not trying to sound rude but almost everytime the word 'curvy' is used, it's referring to an overweight female... and I don't find that attractive... at all. However, I LOVE curves, in my meaning of the word (think coke bottle). I find it very attractive. I find skinny petite girls attractive too, but not as much.
  • this is a restricted question. there are skinny curvey girls and there are heavier girls without curves. curves are supposed to be based on skeletal structure and creating "curves" with fat is not sexy. jessica alba is thin and has great curves... really great curves. forgive the nudity in the following website which illustrates and explains femenine curves fat gives rolls not curves.
  • "Curvy Women Have Smarter Kids"
  • I'm assuming you are using the female definition of curvy (Roseanne Barr), and not a male definition (Catherine Bell). I think most men prefer someone who takes care of their body over someone who lets it go.
  • Curvy is a euphemism for FAT. Fat = unhealthy, and unattractive. Stop making excuses.
  • Most of us don't. Most of us much prefer curvy girls over skinny ones, for obvious reasons. Who told you it was the other way around?
  • They don't.

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