• sounds like you should see a doctor and find out why he is vomiting...
  • I would get him to a doctor as sson as posible to see what making him vomit.
  • they have somthing call childrens pepto which is chewable and tastes like candy what is the cause of his vomitting does he have the child form of acid indigestion my son does and anytime he eats certain foods he vomits so i use the childrens pepto from the advise of his doctor and he stops automatically
  • he might be allergic to something. so yea, take him to the good ol doctor.
  • yeah, my daughters 4 yrs. old and currently has the same prooblem. any thing she eats and drinks she vomits.i've tried childrens pepto and tums and does'nt seem to work she has been like this for 3 days now. best answer for us both is for them to see a doctor!
  • Keep him well hydrated. If he doesn't stop in 24 hours or so, or if he can't keep water down and starts to get dehydrated, get him to a doctor. Rotovirus can make a child deathly ill in a hurry. Mine was having chemotherapy when she got it, so her immune system wasn't working right. She ended up hospitalized for 48 hours.

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