• Warrant officers outrank the highest enlisted rank and are below the lowest officer rank. The Command Sergeant Major of the Army salutes the rawest Warrant Officer 1. A Chief Warrant Officer salutes the newest second lieutenant in the Army. No one is required to salute cadets.
  • By regulation yes, in practice rarely.
  • Well yes, a warrant officer technically must salute a second lieutenant. this is a kinda rule of thumb: CW1 and CW2 should salute 1st and 2nd lieutenants if the Lt's are not known by them but should always salute Captains and above. CW3 and above should salute captains if not known to them but always salute majors and above(field grade officers). It's kinda the good'ole boy thing, but in the presence of many ranking officers it's a good idea to salute all officers regardless of rank present.
  • Yes. Ah the old days, when butter bars had to salute master sergeants.
  • Technically their required to, but they generally don't. And any Lt. stupid enough to call them on it, will deserve every thing he gets.
  • They *should* since any commissioned officer outranks any enlisted man or warrant officer. In practice though, a "one finger salute" is more likely since most Warrant Officers have socks older than many 1st or 2nd Lieutenants.

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