• I would say 8.89!
  • this might sound weird but if i know the person really well i am either more or less likely to empathaize then if i didn tknow them ie someone who exaggerates a lot vs a person whos had a very hard time
  • I say i could be a close 9.5, Before you judge...put yourself in their shoes:):):)
  • i always use the cale 10, in order to try and understand a person life
  • I'm gonna say about an 8; however, I can sense where I stop and they begin. I don't feel ALL their pain and want to solve ALL their problems.
  • 9 I am pretty good at seeing it from other peoples point of view and their situation! :)
  • I would say about an 8. I would say 10 but even though I'm am great at seeing things through others eyes and giving the benifit of the doubt Ill let a person know how I'll feel.
  • It totally depends on what the situation is. If it is someone bemoaning the loss of a "true love" know, he/she got dumped and now is miserable..well, my ability to put myself in that person's shoes would be a 1 or less..I have no sympathy for that stuff. Hanging on to something that is over is not very sensible nor healthy in my opinion. However, if it is a parent worrying about the health of his/her child, then I am at 10 because I've been there and I know how scary it is! :) ((hugs))
  • well I in general don't believe you can walk in anyone shoes unless you have been in the very same situation, if you have then you may have some understanding then, if not I never say to a person "Oh I know how you feel" because I don't. at my age I have been though alot and can empathize with alot of people but Will never fake my self to them just try to be there for them in any way they need. In this family I am know as the person who fixes most ever thing from your PC to your washing machine to that stupid person who just doesn't get it "you know the one who keeps billing you for some thing you don't owe for" ya I fix that too. I guess if I had to rate myself maybe a 8, I would rather just be a good friend and shoulder to lean on.
  • I would say 6 or 7, my wife would probably say -5.:)
  • Id say 10.:-)+
  • I am pretty good at it, if I need to pass judgment on someone I would need to get in their shoes otherwise it is impossible to visualize and empathize. I will say I am about 9 in the scale. Regards.

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