• I've never been fishing, but I've always wanted to go.
  • It was the first time I caught a fish, then the next 10 trips were duds!!
  • I really don't remember the first time. Pretty young at the time. But I love sport fishing and I commercial fished for a few years.
  • Like this guy, of course. Only my catch was bigger, obviously. ;)
  • My grandfather took me, I was about 10 years old. I caught two large mouth bass and thought I was the greatest fisherman in the world.
  • I had a Snoopy fishing pole and I caught a Bluegill that was bigger than the worm I was using. Then I got attacked by a goose. Not cool.
  • Catching minnows and my mother frying them up for me. Yuck!!! It was also my worst.
  • Hahaha! The first time I recall fishing it was with a few kids from my neighborhood in a pond nearby. The details are gruesome. I think I was in junior high school.
  • Awful , I was about forteen and I have never been again.
  • Chasing my sisters around with a worm or a fishy we caught;)LOL Great FUN;)!! Now are kids chase each other around;)LOL!!
  • Father took fish off the hook when I was 6, I had no idea what was going on.
  • Fishing or Fisting?
  • Horrible..I am hyper by nature so that made the..sit and wait part of fishing torture. Can't throw rocks in the water..that scares the fish, have to be quiet, sit still and..Never had to go again..LOL :)
  • Uneventful.
  • Ocean fishing from the beach. A family friend taught me how to catch sand crabs and put them on the end of a hook.
  • my first fishing experience was very exciting, i fished double maggot on a size 16 hook to 6lb mainline that the guy in the local tackle shop set up for me. i caught a few gudgeon and bleak.
  • fishing for what? Fish, men, or compliments?
  • My first fishing experience was with my father, brothers and my great grandmother. She had been an avid fisherman all her life, but at that point she had difficulty walking and was very sick. She begged to go along and my father invited me too. I was really excited because, even though I was the oldest, I rarely got included in these type of activities. Anyway, it didn't go how I expected. My father and my brothers waded off into the river to REALLY fish and I quickly realized that I had been invited along to babysit greatgrandma. I was devastated, but I tried very hard not to let me disappointment show because she was so very dear to me. Anyway, she and I talked and fished and caught a couple of tiny fish. By the end of the day, my brothers and my father came home with a load of trout. They laughed at our bluegills. For years I thought of that as one disappointing day, but now, many years later, I treasure it. My brothers may have had more fun fishing, but I doubt that they even remember that day. I remember every minute I had with my great grandmother, because I didn't have her much longer after that. It was a last, beautiful day that I treasure now that I'm an adult. Thanks for letting me share that. Your question brought back that beautiful memory quite vividly to me.
  • Really fun.
  • It was really great! My father took me to a small lake in Maryland when I was 10 years old after I returned from Norway. It was foggy in the morning and when I made my first cast ever, I heard a tremendous explosion but couldn't see it! Then the old fiberglass Fenwick rod bent in half and I landed a 3 1/2 pound largemouth bass by myself about 2 minutes later. We took pictures at my house as we kept the fish to eat way back then, and I never forgot it.

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