• there was a rumor that he died of AIDS so thats where it was thought he was gay....there is a Ralph Carter that i sgay but he is an older white man- : ) Its always possible Good Times Ralph is gay- He is living in NY by the way... and I also heard he was gay years ago....
  • Mr Ralph Carter is not gay, and he did'nt die of aids. He is alive and kicking. He was on the Bet awards with the gang from good times including Janet Jackson. Those were just rumors.
  • Dynamite, I surely don't think he was Ä¡ÇŽÅ·. I have yet to see any evidence to prove that he was. Bio:
  • he might not be gay people just like to talk about people if te don't let you know all there business and since he said that, now they're saying he's gay people just need to mind they're own business
  • the last i heard ralph carter was living in brooklyn ny. i saw him in person once, and all i can say is that the way he carried himself would provoke alot of people to think that he is gay! black straight men just dont act the way ralph was acting when i saw him. anyway, we are talking about show biz here, so lets not let the conservative nature of the show fool you. there is rampant homosexuality, drugs and such in tv land, and it shouldnt come as a surprise if these guys indulged in certain behaviors! to be honest, looking back at the show, i wondered if jimmy walker,was packing a bit of fudge.
  • also, i am no doctor, nor do i know mr carter personally, but the last time i seen him on tv, he was DEFINATLY looking very pale, frail, and extremly skinny. giving the fact that he should be only in his mid-late 40s, there is reason to beleive that he may not be in the best of health. lets all pray for him
  • Yes, Ralph and His partner Edgar live happily in nYC. Ralph and Edgar have 2 kids, a son Amaire or something like that, who is about 6 and a daughter Jada, named for Jada Pickett Smith who is about 8.
  • I grew up in Brooklyn ny, and a friend of mine actually lives in the same building as Ralph, and she says he is gay all the way! ( and her gaydar alert is 98 percent accurate.) I saw him in person about 15 years ago, when he came to my building to visit a relative. And even then, dude had damn near no masculine qualities at all! I have NEVER seen his type of mannerisms on a straight black male! Dude is gay as hell! Also seen him on tv a few years ago looking skinny and his face looked sucked in. I'm sorry, but beefy little black boys don't become skinny middle aged men. I don't know about aids, but dude was DEFINATLY sick when I saw him. let's all pray for him .

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