• ovarian cyst? I had a couple of them before my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome was diagnosed and they were miserable. What tests did you have, they aren't all equal. Have you been checked for ectopic pregnancy? Ovarian Cancer? Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Really need more info here.
  • Have you ruled out pregnancy? I know, sounds crazy... but a friend of mine recently came THISCLOSE to having unnecessary surgery because her doctor misdiagnosed her pregnancy as some other disease (can't remember if it was appendix or gallstones or what...). You'd think he'd have checked for that, huh?
  • im 19 i have two children and since having my last child i have had very painfull periods and inbetween my periods i have very low pelvic pain i have also had test and nothing has be found i am now waiting for a scan which i hope wont be too long.
  • Have you been tested for VD?

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