• Good grief, try a shot of moonshine!
  • 8-26-2017 There is a game the boys play called "Scoring". The rules are "Lay a girl if she'll let you, but marry one who won't." That is because the only thing a girl can offer a boy these days is loyalty, and you have already demonstrated that you will take your pants off for a man you are not married to. That is why a boy will go to bed with a girl and never call again, but his friends will call.
  • You tried. You failed. You took the gamble. You lost. Move on. If the positions were reversed, you would be squealing about him stalking you, all the gals here would be hissing him for not 'taking no for an answer', and so on. When a guy does anything (even any little thing) the gal don't like, she drops his ass faster than a hot potato....yet here we are, so much for equality. Grow up. Find a new boyfriend to obsess over. Get a cat. Whatever. This is at least one time a river of tears ain't gonna get you what you want. Deal with it. You win. You lose. You break even. That's life.
  • Give it more than a year, as time will only tell. ^_^

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