• At sunrise and sunset
  • to get a tan? 12 o clock
  • actually, NEVER.....WHY DO THAT TO YOUR BODY? DO YOU know that a suntan is your body's way or protecting itself??? in other words, it's defending itself against the rays of the sun!!! so just forget it...nowadays there are some wonderful self-tanning products, and not orange-y anymore like they were a few years ago!! they are tan look it up online and get yourself some; you'll still look tanned and be healthy as well!!!!
  • The sun's rays are most intense between 10am and 2pm. Being fair-skinned and prone to sunburn I try and stay out of the Sun during those hours, and wear a hat and/ or sunscreen. The Sun's rays can be damaging and deadly. But they're also beneficial as far as shaking off the 'winter blues' and production Vitamin D is concerned. It's best to take in Sun slowly over an extended period of time rather than to take it all at once and get a burn. So my suggestion is before 10 or after 2.

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