• never done it
  • I haven't sunbathed for the purpose of getting a tan since I was a young adult and learned that it causes skin cancer. However, after becoming a little older I learned that overuse of sunscreen and not getting enough sun will also cause vitamin D deficiency and seasonal affective disorder so it's good to find a healthy balance.
    • Victorine
      Vitamin D supplements work well. It's not necessary to risk skin cancer to get the vitamin.
  • A couple of days ago. Covered from head to foot in factor 15.
  • I used to hang out at "the beach" but never really with the intent of sunbathing. I guess: never.
  • Probably decades ago. Here in the U.K. we only rarely have that type of weather - unfortunately. On the rare occasions that we DO have a hot sunny Summer very few people will now risk sunbathing because our skin is pale and we are unaccustomed to the heat. We would have many cases of burns and sunstroke if we did sunbathe. Those who desire a tan usually go to a tanning salon or use an infrared lamp in their own home. I do neither and just remain very pale and then cover up for safety when the sun gives us a rare appearance.
  • Last Saturday or Sunday. Experience has taught me that "sunbathing in the open air" is much more effective than sunbathing in a dark closet or a closed coffin..
  • I can't even remember. I have very fair skin and do not tan, so even on beaches, I've stayed pretty much under an umbrella, drenched in sunscreen and wearing a top over my bathing suit except in the water.
  • we dont do that now days ,it can cause cancer of the skin if you get too much sun ☼.,.yes we need some sun for vitamin D ..but only a small amount daily
  • 6/13/2024, last weekend at a massage spa near the Pacific Ocean.
  • Today in NJ

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