• On my 97 leSabre custom with power locks and windows, I needed to replace the driver's outside mirror. This meant that I had to take the door apart. I found two T25 Torx screws, one holding in the panel around the door handle and power lock buttons, and another on the rear edge of the door. After removing these, I removed the small lock panel, unplugged it, and set it aside. Next, I removed the reflector from the rear edge of the door. It is pressed in with locking clips on the top and bottom. In some models, it is also illuminated, but not in mine. In theory, pushing a screwdriver in both the top and bottom will push the clips in and let you wiggle it out. To figure this out, I had to break the reflector off the rest to get to the clips, then unlatch the clips and pry the connector out. I'll glue the reflector back on and it will look just as good as new. Behind this reflector is a bolt that holds the center of the door panel to the door. A 10mm socket on a 3/8 ratchet fit in and backed this bolt out easily. There are two more bolts with 10mm heads hidden under the windows, seat, and mirrors control panel. Use a screwdriver to compress the clip at the front of the panel, then ease the front out. Slide the whole panel forward a couple of inches, then lift it gently out. Underneath you'll find the bolts. Finally, you gently pry the clips around the bottom of the door loose, then lift the whole panel a bit and back it away from the door. Be careful not to snag on the inside door handle. Hey, we've done it! To reassemble, put all of the clips in the panel, not in the door. Ease the panel back into place and fasten the bolts loosely, starting with the rear one. Now push the clips back the rest of the way into their holes, then tighten the bolts. Replace the door lock panel last, as it was first out.

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