• Just get up and do it.. in time it'll become a habit. Worked for my husband and he's the laziest person I know. Now he hits the gym 6-7 days a week.
  • I would say do ab time, and get so hyper in comment threads that you laugh so hard you get abs! The wii also works!
  • Get one of those push type reel mowers. Mow a little bit of grass every day. By the time the yard is finished, you'll have to start all over at the beginning.
  • long walks
  • isometrics. move your fingers ten times, twist your neck ten times. lift your arms ten times.
  • Walking. Make it a habit to park as far away from the door of the grocery, or work as you can, and feel pride in the fact that you are helping yourself the easy way.
  • Nintendo Wii.
  • Swimming... its refreshing and its an exercise.
    • Linda Joy
      I love playing in the water! It doesn't even seem like exercise!
  • the nintendo Wi
  • Ok... This is going to be a very honest answer. Sex... DR if you must, but you cannot disagree. Even the laziest of them all would probably never decline.
  • There are ways for lazy people, but they are not that effective. So, stop being lazy and go out.
  • You don't, no one lives forever no matter how much you exercise. In fact, that time and gym subscription money you're wasting; could go towards a better education or investment instead to make your life more comfortable. Exercise like "anti-aging" creams has no basis in factual science or longevity. Sure you should not slob around either.
    • Linda Joy
      Hey often wrong! Here you are, wrong again! Proof exercise extends life expectancy:,with%20additional%20life%20expectancy%20gains.
    • Linda Joy
      However there is a limit to how many times DNA can replicate and therefore a limit to the length of human life as we know it.
  • walking when i have to go to one place or another, im lazy about exercising too
  • Get rid of your car. There are also exercises for people who can't stand that are done from a chair. If you like to play in the water or dance that's kinda like exercise but not organized or regimented exercise. Or just do exercises a little at a time like during commercials. Or you could hire your neighbor to come beat you up every day and you'd be forced to defend yourself. It'd probably be more enjoyable if you'd find something you actually like doing and just do that more often.
  • Chair aerobics is an alternative, effective and easy way to conventional exercise.

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