• I have known many people who have made a daily practice of reading the bible, reading it cover to cover a number of times. I'm not sure why you might think it should change them. Change them from what...? These were already people who practiced the presence of God in their daily lives and walked closely with him... I have known people who had not read the entire bible cover to cover who upon gaining some spiritual awareness were changed greatly. Changed from being ignorant to aware. Changed from being hard-hearted and self-centered to being soft-hearted and with a newfound concern for others. Changed from being hopeless and in despair to being hopeful and optimistic, and so on. Not sure what reading the entire bible has to do with anything...
  • I read it only once as a whole. But have been reading a lot of passages every now and then. It is certainly a very interesting book, even for the atheist that I have become with the years. The fact of reading the whole Bible did not change me much more than the passages that I had been reading before. But it allowed me to understand the rest a little more.
  • i have read it once through . i skipped some boring parts. i was lookin for a hidden meaning. i couldnt find it. i thnk im a good person still though.
  • yes, they behave now :D
  • well going to a catholic school and not being catholic i think it can change certain people if they believe it all.
  • Would you believe that less that less than two percent of all professing Christians have read a Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Would you believe that most professing Christians don't even own a Bible. These two statements reflect that most professing Christians are non regenerated Chistians. Change only comes after regeneration. Until then, the things of God are hidden. It is not the act of reading a Bible and gaining knowledge. It is however the act of seeking understanding to the Bible through spiritual regeneration that produces one's change into the image of Christ. Seek understanding for wisdom.
  • I know a number of people whom have read the Bible through. I have read it through 10 to 12 times. It isn't just the reading it through but to study and learn what the Bible really says. To understand what the Bible says. To understand what the Bible says you have to understand the words from the time it was written and in the dialect. People said things differently than we do today. Many words have different meanings today as they did in the time written.
  • Yes I know many who have. Also doing it once a year. It is also a goal I have personally set. And yes the Holy Bible can change peoples lives for the better. This books isn't a secular history book, it isn't bibliomancy (the practice of opening the Bible at random and believe that the first verse encountered contains the help one needs), and it isn't a fictional book in a form of prose and short stories. However what it is, is one book made of 66 little books. Each book is filled with scriptures. All of them are inspired by Almighty God. They are beneficial for teaching, for reproving and for setting things straight in our lives. Why? So that we may fully competent and completely equipped for every good work. Why? Because the word of God is alive and not a dead language. It exerts power and is able to discern thought and intentions of the heart. It can and will do this for someone who wants answers to: why are we here, what is the purpose of life, why does God allow suffering etc...... 2 Timothy 3:16,17 and Hebrews 4:13 Here is a beautiful example:
  • I for one read through the Bible and it definitely changed me! I credit my Atheism for it.
  • Reading the Bible completely is not a challenge put by God. Studying the Bible is the application and knowledge that will change your life.
  • It changed me...but only after I had read it cover-to-cover three times and considered carefully (and, I think, objectively) what I had read and what it's value was. But: I know very few people who have read it cover-to-cover.
  • I think I know a lot of people who have read The Bible through from cover to cover. I don't know for sure exactly which ones they are. I read it to my grandson and then he read it to me when he was able. It did change my life. I didn't know what a family was supposed to be like until I joined my Church. They are the best examples of a loving family that I have ever known. I do want others to find the love I found not just in my Church, but also on a personal level from God. But I respect the rights of others who don't want to hear it. In the process of living a happy life full of love others (with open minds) will see something they want for themselves and ask.
  • Known a few, and not all of them were good people
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Exactly, people who have read the Bible entirely think they have something to prove to themselves. Very silly of them.

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