• Very much so.
  • According to my wife I did. After 17 years of marriage she said she wanted a divorce. The only reason she gave...."You're not the same man I married".....I guess that's a yes, although I don't think so.
  • I think change is natural and for the most part a very positive thing in our lives. Events, successes, friends, travel... it all can change you. And of course, you can't live with someone day in and day out and go through life without any change. Single people change over the years, too.
  • Of course they do - it is a different stage in life. With marriage comes shared responsibility for a home, bills and, in time, a family. Marriage is the ultimate commitment in a relationship and it takes work to make it successful. Don't fear change - it isn't a bad thing.
  • Yep. I once knew a very sweet girl who turned into a nag the instant she got married (to someone else, not to me.) I once had a girl who turned grizzly the instant we started living together - we didn't even get married. Obviously, this doesn't always happen but it is something we need to be aware of. Dunno what causes it or how it can be prevented / worked around. It definitely needs investigating.
  • its really not that "people change" its more like... u expected more out of the marriage, u expected your partner to be different but your imagination was far from reality. So people just end up assuming the others changed, but its really just the picture you drew in your head for the future that wasn't true. I guess this answer is more in defense of the people that 'changed'
  • They is no longer "I" but "we". That's a huge change and if the parties to the marriage don't change, then the marriage doesn't survive. :)
  • Of course. We all change all the time. We learn and experience new things which affects how we think and react. Getting married changes your attitude from I to we and it's not an instant overnight realization. We need to get used to it. People hopefully grow and mellow as they get older. This can be good for a marriage but can also cause the differences which end in divorce. We all need to work very hard to perserve and keep the marriage intact.
  • I think people change with the passing of time. The degree of change within a person depends on that person's tolerance to change in others and their environment, and their willingness to adapt to those changes. Marriage is just one of many factors affecting change.
  • Yes, of course ... everyone changes ... constantly ... "The entire universe is in a state of entropy. This means that change is both inevitable and unavoidable. Staying the same is an impossibility. The best we can hope for is to choose wisely the speed and direction of each of our changes."
  • Everybody changes over time, so yes...eventually they will change.
  • yes, i think they feel like they need to be more mature and conservative
  • Everyone changes after getting married. Oftentimes for the worst, but sometimes for the better. All life is change. It's inevitable.

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