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  • No, it is completely biologically driven. The men you're talking about, besides treating women "like shit" (usually meaning as conquests) are typically also demonstrating behavioral markers that indicate strong breeding potential.
  • Yeah...they are very attractive. Even though they make our lives a living hell they are total irresistible. But personally, I like an intellectual guy who isn't arrogant and macho like my ex who is SUCH a jerk. Oh my gosh. You have no idea. He can be so mean. Believe me...even though its can go overboard and the woman or girl can no longer take it. Really. At one point it can become repulsive.
  • Absolutely it can be fixed . Beautiful, funny, and otherwise intelligent women-Use your fucking heads. If the guy has cheated on his last four girlfriends, is wanted in three states for drug abuse, and talks about "the man" after he turned 30, don't date him! I really don't see how this isn't obvious. You can only be treated like shit if you let yourself be. If you aren't intelligent enough to get out of a relationship with a bad guy, than maybe you were never intelligent in the first place.
  • Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with intelligence, but rather, self-esteem and self image. Many of these women don't realize how intelligent, beautiful and funny they are and that they can do better than the guy that treats them badly. If you think that's the best you can do, well naturally you're going to make allowances for certain negative types of behaviour. Of course, there are some women who like being treated "badly" by their spouses or partners, but in my experience, it is almost always a choice, whether it is made consciously or not, to put up with that behaviour. But really, it comes back around to issues with self esteem and self image.
  • Sounds familier, My mum. Don't take the shit, give it back twice as much. Their guttless when confronted by a woman with obvious power, and start hitting, all for fear of losing their 'hard on' as far as I'm concerned. If someone hits me, I hit back 2 fold til they get the hint.
  • Well, this is a question that many men have been pondering for years. Lucky for you, there is a fairly simple answer to it - I can't promise you that you'll like it though. For the explanation, we must go to the very roots of the rules of attraction. What is it about these guys that keep on drawing the girls to them? I mean, they treat them like crap, so why would anyone want something like that? Answer number 5 compressed the answer into a nutshell fairly well; there are certain things that make most women feel attraction, regardless of the person who's doing it. This sounds funny, I know, but it's true. Think about it this way... Ever heard of the guys complaining about losing their girls even though they treated them so well and were so nice to them? Does "I love her so much, what can I do to bring her back!?" sound familiar to you? These guys exhibit one common feature that you will never find in the guys who actually end up getting the girls. It's being overly available, not having your own opinions and living your life for her. In a nutshell, it's being nice. Now I don't want to mix this "nice" with the other "nice" out there - I know that it's generally a positive term, but in the dating world, it's a negative thing. Nice guys are the ones who women find interesting in the beginning, but who become boring shortly after and will end up being - if not dumped - used. Girls walk over these guys. And it's the guys' responsibility to stop being overly nice and to develop a backbone so that it never has to come to that. It's their fault! A lot of guys don't like this, because the vast majority is naturally not very good at it, and nothing's fun when you're losing, right? I mean, let's face it, us guys, we aren't natural born dating machines. If we knew which buttons to press, the AB relationships area wouldn't be so filled with questions like this one. Luckily, practise makes perfect. What a lifesaver, huh? So, what do you want to do then? I mentioned that there are certain traits and characteristics in the guys who you depict as "guys who treat girls like SH*T", and obviously, you don't want to be treating them like crap - so what CAN you do? One word; challenge. Now, once again, for clearing out the term, I don't mean being difficult. I don't want you to make her life hard, because that's something that'll make her walk, trust me. Being a challenge is generally speaking reversing the psychological view on the whole scene. You want to make her feel that she has to impress you so she can earn the first - and later on the second - date. How? Well, self-confidence (paired up with the real thing, self-esteem) is one of the key factors at play. You need to be able to say "no" to a random stunningly beautiful girl - express your own opinions. Even though your legs might feel like jello under you, having your own opinions and the backbone to use them is a highly valued trait. Of course you want to be a gentleman; tactful 'n all, but don't be afraid to tease her, because if you express self-confidence and independence (the opposite of being clingy), she'll like you. Another very important fact is being funny. You want to be able to make her laugh. Not by being tasteless, of course, but as long as you can keep the conversation light and funny, it'll flow along nicely, and she'll really enjoy it, and needless to mention; so will you. So in the end, there is a way to fix it, but it means that you're going to have to take a different view on the whole scene. You want the girls to think that you're the best thing since oxygen, and that they are chasing you. Self-confidence being the key, any guy can do this. Just takes more practise for some.
  • The most beautiful, funny, and intellegent women are also the most insecure ones, ever heard of the model's curse? So they go for men beneath them because they think they aren't good enough for better ones.
  • Because you are only looking through your eyes. Most people treat someone else poorly at some point, but are also sweet at other points. You just remember the jerk points, and think that is all they are.
  • There aren't enough really good men for all the beautiful, funny and intelligent women so some of them end up with those guys. Simple, really! The way to fix this is for more men to wise up and show women that they can and will treat them like the goddesses they are.

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